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I have been made aware there are certain people in this community that have blamed you for the contents of my letter to the ranter in your recent edition of The Gazette. I have been informed that they reposted portions of my letter onto a website and claimed they are your words. They are in fact my words, and I stand by those words. What amazes me is that these people must think you are the only one with this differing opinion. Are the Democrats so narcissistic they can’t even fathom that more than one person could possibly have a different point of view, that people can actually think for themselves?

It has also been brought to my attention that these liberals have hinted they might contact your advertisers and threaten to boycott their businesses if they continue to advertise with you. It amazes me how far Democrats will go to suppress any viewpoint that contradicts their own agenda. They get very angry when they can’t control you and your thoughts. And that is what they are all about, control and manipulation, by any means possible. Have they forgotten about the United States Constitution? Or is it that they feel the Constitution does not apply to them unless it furthers their agenda. If you do lose advertisers because of this, please let me know who they are. I will boycott them on the grounds of their kowtowing to a bunch of bullies.

Most of my life I have not involved myself in politics. Now I feel like the future of our great nation is at stake unless everyone gets involved in saving it. I often wear stars and stripes clothing, but always in shades of black and gray not red, white and blue. To me these colors represent the death of the beautiful and free America I grew up in, and the liberals are the murderers of this great nation of ours. These are my words, not Doug’s.

Let’s make America great again in 2020. Our freedom depends on it.


Keep on ranting in the free world, and let’s keep it free.



I call for all Malibu movie stars, socialist posh professors, spoiled sports brats, corporate cronies and leftist media millionaires to totally divest themselves of ALL their ill-gotten gains and filthy capitalist riches, and give them to someone who has less, because that’s “fair,” right? I also call on them to either shut their hypocritical mouths, or destroy their own homes, businesses and careers in a show of solidarity with the anti-democratic antifa. Otherwise, they’re lives are as empty and meaningless as what they say and produce.

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