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Whenever a product is advertised on TV or radio, the Government requires the maker devote a major portion of that ad to revealing any harmful side effects which a user may encounter.     So, I’m suggesting that we demand the Government expand that listing of harmful side effects warning be attached to all products being sold, to include Politicians. While not everyone is affected by each and every of the other various products, the same cannot be said for the Politician’s product.  How often is it that Politician’s ads promise to cure, fix, or otherwise eliminate some real or imaginary issue that’s harming, “We The Public.”

And how often is it, that after we’ve “bought” the politicians “product,” we find that none of the issues have been corrected, cured, or fixed.  And in most cases, the issues we were promised would be eliminated, have in fact, multiplied.

So, you see, my solution is simple.  Make it mandatory that every politician’s ad must contain a list of their past failures to provide a promised result: no excuses, just the past results, down and dirty.

I think the Public would benefit from this in one of two ways: One; The Public would have at least a shot at knowing something truthful about the person they’re


expected to vote for, or Two; a hell of lot fewer ads harassing our eyes and ears during election time.



I have been reading the Gazette for several years, picking up copies at car washes and fast-food restaurants, prior to it being included with the Signal’s Friday editions.

This past week, while having my car washed, I began to read the “Freeway Close!” article expertly written by Harry Parmenter. Due to Harry’s unique blend of humor, it was all I could do sitting among other car wash patrons to contain my laughter. Harry is certainly a talented writer, somewhat in the mold of John Boston. If Harry has any more tales to share, I’ll try to read them when not surrounded by fellow Santa Claritans so I don’t have to stifle my outbursts.

Regards, Denny


So much for the phony liberal bumper stickers on leftist’s car plates saying “Love Trumps Hate”. B.S. Look at all the anger and hatred coming from the left. From beatings and shooting and kicking people out of places of businesses. First, Sen Rand Paul gets beaten up on his own property from a liberal neighbor. For what Pray-Tell? Some neighbor, and he practically got away with it. Then poor Steve Scalise almost gets killed from a leftist Bernie Sanders (BS) supporter who also tried to kill many other Republicans. Sanders gets kicked out of a Chicken joint for simply working for the President of the United States, who’s former President has the same separation policy for illegal aliens and deported a whopping close to 2.5 million illegals over his 8 years in office, something that I doubt President Trump will come close to. The Florida Attn. Gen gets kicked out of a movie honoring Mr. Rogers- for what??? Homeland Sec. gets treated like dirt in Mex. Rest. where no one even told the THUGS to leave. A customer could have had a heart attack or stroke from all the commotion. Police were not even called. Now, a THUG Congresswoman(?) practically advocates violence against any one who works for the President. How are these immoral THUGS who support her are going to act? Do you really think they are just going to ask them to leave that Gas station, restaurant, or Movie theater she told them to patrol? Of course someone will be hurt or killed thanks to her. And she gets away with it. And how Pray-tell are these THUGS going to know who actually works for Trump or maybe they will assume that person does because they only LOOK like the actual person who works for Trump. Are they going to google Trumps aides and look for that person, or will it be mistaken identity? Remember Al Sharpton did the same thing at Maxine Waters years ago in N.Y. and poor Yankel Rosenbaum was beaten to death for simply being Jewish. He got away with it and so will Cong. Waters. Liberals always get to HATE all they want and think it is justified, yet accuse the GOP of being the real Hatemongers which is a big lie. When Mao (lefitst) took over China, first thing he did was jail and execute landlords (considered right-wing reactionary’s). N. Korea jails what they call reactionary right-wing scum, which are really just fine and decent law abiding people. Meanwhile all these leftist THUGS do is steal all the PEOPLE’S $$$ and live a life that they would execute any of the PEOPLE for doing. Now, it is Christians around the world who are the scapegoats. They are treated like dirt in the Muslim world and treated poorly in Europe. They have no power in the world and are often victims. Check out “Voice of the Martyrs). Christians here are treated like trash for simply being decent law abiding religious folks. Joy Behar called all Christians around the world “Mentally Ill”. She should look in the Mirror and at W.Goldberg. All liberals in the Media trash them for no good reason, while ignoring the LEFT that is a Cancer destroying everything it touches from Academia, media, and now even science. Yep, I don’t see a great future for the world. Are we becoming Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Your Editorial Cartoon about separating children from parents presents a specious argument, equating fact to faith. Border agents separating children from parents can be considered child abuse because of the fact that such separations cause long term psychological problems for the children and creates anguish for the parents. The separation by abortion is a choice that a woman may make for any number of reasons. The issue of a fetus being a “child” is a matter of faith promulgated by religious teaching. Not all people share the same concept that life begins at conception. For those that abide by that concept, their faith would lead them to believe it to be “child” abuse. However, for the rest of the population (at this time, a majority), there is no abuse. For the mother that has to make the difficult and emotional decision, it is her choice. If you don’t believe that life begins at conception, there is no child to abuse. Facts apply to everyone. Faith only to those who believe.

Dr. Mark Elfont

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