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| Opinion | January 9, 2020

Last week at our monthly wine and card party, all thirteen of us (one is a widow) agreed that Katie Hill got a raw deal and no support, forcing her to resign.

We would like to start a “write-in” campaign and thereby show her that lots of us care and support her. Hopefully we can figure out how to do that and be ready for the March vote.

Denise W. Larson
Agua Dulce


Now that Julian Castro has dropped out of the race, Elizabeth Warren is the only authentic Hispanic running for President.




Measure US is the most important single item on March 3, 2020 ballot for voters in the Sulphur Springs Union District. . If approved by more that 55% of the voters, the district will borrow $78,000.000, eight short years after borrowing $72,000,0000. Repayment for these bonds comes from a direct tax placed on each parcel of land in the District.

Councilman Robert (Bob) Kellar is an influential advocate for passage and placed his name on the ballot argument in favor, choosing the title “Santa Clarita City Council.”

The City Council adopted and revised their norms and procedures with restrictions on members representing individual opinions. Section 2 (B) reads “when representing their individual opinions and positions, Councilmembers should explicitly state they do not represent the City Council of the City, nor should they allow the inference that they do”.

The purpose is to avoid confusion among the electorate whether the opinion reflects that of the individual or the city council. If it reflects the opinion of the city council, the item had to be placed on the agenda for consideration, subject to noticing requirements of the Brown Act. Importantly, citizens would have had the right to attend the meeting and provide public comment.

Whether deliberate or inadvertent, Bob Kellar’s use of the title Santa Clarita City Council on the ballot argument is a violation of the council’s norm and procedures with real consequence for the eventual outcome. The imprimatur of council approval is not authorized.

The city council has a legislative committee that screens legislation and sometimes recommends that the council take a position of support or opposition.To the best of my knowledge, the city council never considered Measure US in public session

Thousands of voters in the Sulphur Springs School District who read the voter pamphlet will be deceived and mislead into believing the the Santa Clarita City Council considered this bond issue in a public session and took a position of support. Swaying voters is the intention of the measure’s consultants and advocates.

I believe the city council must remedy to this situation with a strong outreach effort to advise the voters that the neither the city not the council has taken a position of support for Measure US.This may include public outreach and a letter to the voters in the district.

There is no propitiation from Councilman Kellar that can substitute for collective city council action to address this unfortunate situation.

The council must enforce their norms and procedures if they are to mean anything. Now is time for the city council to deal with this issue and take appropriate action.

The voter pamphlets are being printed and absentee ballots will soon be in the mail. Time is of the essence.

I urge the city council to rise up to the challenge before it.

Steve Petzold
Principal Officer
The Center for Truth in School Bond Measures ID # 1408280

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