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| Opinion | January 16, 2020

Letter to the Editor: “Opportunist”

Steve Knight could not beat Katie Hill. He was not going to run against her in 2020, because he knew he could not win.

Then when she resigned, he entered the race. He is just going to split the Republican vote and we will end up with another liberal Democrat.

Steve, please take this opportunity to drop out of the race, and support a hard working fellow veteran Mike Garcia. Who was not afraid of Katie Hill.

-D. Osorio

RE: Write-In Campaign for Katie Hill

How foolish letter writer Denise Larson is. She “actually” feels sorry for Katie Hill and wants her to run again in March. Ms. Hill left Congress because she was afraid of an upcoming ethics investigation. What was she hiding? No one kicked her out. She took off and blamed everyone but herself for her lies and mistakes. She was to immature for Congress (most Democrats are). Her “proudest” moment was when she unfairly voted for the phony impeachment of President Trump based on 100% no good reason. Don’t any one feel sorry for Ms. Hill. She only has herself to blame.



RE: Alan Ferdman’s Column on Homelessness

Dear Editor

Thank you to Alan Ferdman for his opinion article January 10th clarifying the Homeless problem we face.

Indeed our community, as well as the County and State, are challenged as this will continue to be an ongoing problem. How we go about handling it starts at the local level from citizens who contribute ideas and solutions to legislators guarding the funding purse strings.

Congratulations on the City bringing together a Homelessness Task Force, but I agree with Mr. Ferdman, this group must be open to all those who want to contribute and understand how and where taxpayer money will be spent.

The City response beneath his article that “…reporters do attend Task Force meetings and frequently report on what happens for public education” is inadequate.

Homelessness Task Force meetings organized by the City Council should be posted with agenda, open to the public, with questions allowed by anyone willing to contribute solutions to this ongoing problem.

We are fortunate to have citizens in Santa Clarita who scrutinize difficult problems, and therefore should be given the opportunity to work hand-in-hand to solve this social challenge.

Meeting behind closed doors might only stagnate finding solutions.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D



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