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| Opinion | February 13, 2020

Sunday’s Daily News had an article about safe parking for homeless people living in their cars. A Los Angeles city councilman filed a motion seeking a feasibility study and $266,000 for safe overnight parking for 22 to 25 vehicles nightly. This is on property already leased by the city. I have a crazy idea, with all of the motor homes parked on our city streets why doesn’t the city take one of these pieces of property and have these motor homes park and supply a water truck and a sewer pump truck once a week. A tent could be set up with kitchen facilities to serve one meal per day. I think this could be achieved for much less than $268,000 with enough left over to provide these meals for a really long time. The city of Los Angeles also has the “ Los Angeles Homeless  Services Authority” that has a $400,000,000 “ That’s Million “ per Year budget and still can’t figure out where to start. You would think they could find a way to solve the problem for the next 400 years. The politicians running their election adds talk about global warming but can’t see the problems of today. I don’t live in the city of Los Angeles but we have a homeless problem throughout California and more money has been spent talking about the problem than curing it.

I have also read that the cost per unit for homeless housing could be as high as $600,000.

Seriously? You could buy two houses in Lancaster for that much.  The politicians coordinating these perceived cures for homelessness need to start with the real needy first. We have women with their children living in the back seat of their cars because they have been abandoned by the fathers of these children. Let’s start there. We have veterans who have become unable to deal with their experiences due to their exposure to war protecting our country. There is obviously a huge problem with mental illness and drug addiction. But let’s start with our women and their children. Next would be our veterans. We have non profit organizations trying their best to help those they can such as The Veterans Collaborative here in Newhall. Curing mental health an drug addiction will not be an easy task. Many addictive folks don’t want help. Our local Elks Lodge received $2,500 in grants from the national foundation of Elks to help the veterans in our community. It’s a start but not very much in the big picture. Now I’m starting to sound like Doug with my ranting. To quote Toby Keith “Let’s have a little less talk and a lot more action”


To those seeking a conservative voting guide for hard to find (but important) judge information, try: https://www.craighuey.com/la_voter_guide_/


Taxpayers and property owners residing in the Sulphur Springs Union School District should be aware of who is funding the Yes on Measure US campaign, a $78,000,000 General Obligation bond that is on the March 3 ballot.

If you were so naive to believe that it is teachers, administrators and firefighters guess again.

Campaign finance documents available at the County Clerk’s office in Nowalk reveal that the Treasurer of the Yes on Measure US campaign is a high powered political consultant in Sacramento, CA,   Shawnda Deane, the Treasurer is an owner of Deane and Company which administers the campaign, and she pays herself $1700.00 per month for filing forms that advocates hope you never see.

Large contractors and law firms , all out of district, have donated in excess of $23,000 to provide campaign materials and send robocalls to voters in an effort to trick you into approving more borrowing and higher taxes, eight short years after Measure CK was approved.

In an age when there are contribution limits for political  candidates, it is surprising to learn that there are no limits for corporate donations to bond measure campaigns.

The Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH) , a membership organization that promotes and enables the passage of school bonds sums it up best on their web site, “The return on investment of membership is priceless.”

Don’t be fooled by the slick marketing effort funded by the contractors and lawyers that generate large profits from  vulnerable taxpayers.

Vote NO on Measure US !  

Stephen C Petzold
The Center for Truth in School Bond Measures  ID 1408280
Principal Officer www.caltaxsos.com

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