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| Opinion | August 9, 2018

Dear Editor:

I’d like to commend candidate Steve Fox on his stand to cut the gas tax, cut the real property tax and reduce our water bills for our area.

Now typically these promises come from a Republican who once elected are outvoted in California Legislation.

But Fox, a conservative, is a Democrat. Fox had success in 2012 when he served us in the Legislature, and brought millions of dollars in an aerospace tax credit to create jobs. He also got the Governor to return 2.7 million dollars to the City of Palmdale and he got the Governor to create a State Prison in California City to house 2300 prisoners so they would not be released on us.

I like Fox’s position that instead of getting us millions of dollars, he gets the state to just not take millions of dollars from us.



Tom Pepaj­­

Dear Gazette Editor,

I have long opposed legalizing marijuana for many reasons, but I essentially believe it‘s a gateway to stronger illegal drugs which inflicts immense chaos on our society, especially here in Santa Clarita Valley. Who is not aware of the numerous overdose deaths, burglaries and general crime related to drug use here in the SCV (redundant question). Every law enforcement officer I have ever spoken to clearly state with conviction that marijuana use routinely leads to heavier drug use and it’s particularly problematic to our young people whose brains have not yet fully developed. Drug use can have a very long lasting damaging and often addictive effect, especially on young users.

My wife and I were recently talking about these troubling issues. She said, “Isn’t is it absurd that Sacramento Democrats favor legal marijuana knowing full well that state employees and almost all employers routinely drug test for employment”. Even several Republican legislators (RINOS) favor marijuana use. Go figure. I think it’s well known that employers may periodically drug test and dismiss drug using employees at will. Essentially, it’s practically impossible for drug users to earn decent steady wages.

Therefore, I contend that the State of California and the Democrat Party is complicit in exacerbating drug use and in turn aggravating our state’s monster homeless problem which has become a major crisis this past decade. I read somewhere that 25 percent of America’s homeless live in California.

Furthermore I contend that if medicinal marijuana is truly beneficial, it should be validated by the United States Congress and prescribed exactly as all other drugs are prescribed. Personal doctors should make those critical decisions and have the drug issued via pharmacies just as all other drugs are obtained. As it stands anyone over 18 years of age can easily obtain a medicinal marijuana card simply by paying a $40 fee. If this procedure calls for a federal law change, then so be it as Congress really should weigh in on these disturbing matters.

Feel free, as I did, to review these sites:

Bill Reynolds
Valencia Resident

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