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| Opinion | May 30, 2019

Columnist Gary Curtis quotes Mike (5P) Pence saying “Religious Freedom is under assault.” Typical Fundamentalist Christian nonsense and fear mongering! Usually, the Pilgrims are cited for their emigration seeking religious Freedom. In practice, it became obvious that their only interest was THEIR religious freedom. Once settled, they set out to repulse and repress any, and all, people who believed differently from them. The Catholics come to mind almost instantly. The Catholic Church tried to end all beliefs other than theirs when and wherever they got political control. The Spanish Inquisition is a prime example. Protestants and Jews were the targets there. Islam routinely quashes any other faith that they can in territory that they control.

Christianity and Islam share a history of “conversion by the sword.” As recently as last year, Ann Coulter suggested that we could solve the “Muslim Problem” by forcing all of them to convert to Christianity. Muslims have periodically murdered Christians living in the “Caliphate”. Strangely, Hindu’s and Buddhists don’t do that anymore, but in the right situation, I have no doubt that they would! Many will point to the Arab-Israeli issue as a religious conflict. In reality it is a “Real Estate” dispute, with religion acting as a way to tell the participants apart. As a non-Christian, I fear the day when folks like 5P gain control of our laws and the legal system. Their history has been to declare themselves to be right, and that any actions against their laws would be against (their) GOD! In the opening of most screeds of the type Gary Curtis wrote, there is usually a reference to the “Judeo-Christian” heritage of this Country. Our founders had ample opportunity to base the Constitution on religious grounds, and deliberately decided not to do that. It is unseemly, but typical, for that (Pious, Pulpit, Pounding, Pr_ck) Pence, to bemoan that some Americans do not believe, or act like him. His solution, as seen in Indiana, is to support laws that force the “infidels’, to comply. Besides, historically, the Christians have been trying to get rid of the “Judeo” portion of that heritage for centuries.

Gary Morrison

Is the East side of Canyon Country still part of the city of Santa Clarita? I have, once again, noticed that the American flags along Soledad Canyon Road stop at Canyon Country park. We on the East side of the valley deserve to be equally served as the rest of the city. I’m surprised Bob Keller hasn’t addressed this lack of recognition as he lives on the East side of our community as well. We may have been annexed into the city after it was formed but we are part of the city anyway. How does the East side of our valley get the same benefits as the rest of our city?


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