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| Opinion | August 23, 2019

Assemblywoman Christy Smith’s distorted attack on The Gazette and publisher Doug Sutton, as printed on her FB page, may have pleased her cheerleading base but it serves as an abject example of what occurs when one gets twisted advice. By the latter, I mean the body of words has the markings of someone else who shall remain nameless here.

For a free press outlet to print an opinion page by its publisher/owner and have it attacked by an elected official who took the real point off into the weeds, is substantially astounding when the purpose is to destroy the publication.

Clearly Christy Smith does not believe in The First Amendment!

As for some detail, Doug Sutton clearly expressed he is sick and tired of being called a “White Nationalist”, “White Supremacist” ’ etc. just for being born white.
He is hardly alone in that knowledge. Of course people who are different than “the norm” (whatever that is) are cut from the herd, bullied, demeaned, harassed, etc., by all sorts of rotten people, but the focus always seems to be on certain white-skinned people as the really bad guys. Simple: we are not.

It would take more time and space than this paper has to list the details of the obvious examples.


An assemblywoman trying to crush a small business in her district; put her constituents out of a job…by the way that includes some who actually voted for her, is shocking. Smith has specifically identified other businesses who advertise in The Gazette with the obvious intent to harm each of them and their employees as well. Without doubt, this is not over yet!

This is a woman that many people in the 25th District voted to represent a lot of people in Sacramento; her stepping stone to bigger things. For those, I’m sure she thanks you for your vote. Careful: think twice before turning your back—it’s about that sharp blade.

My vote will be for the representative that believes in that thing called The First Amendment! Smith does NOT.

-Betty Arenson


I have read Doug’s 8/16 Rant three times and am baffled by any “controversy” it has caused. The non-stop cries of “racist!” from the Left, the media and low information trolls on the internet are ignorant and misplaced. Doug’s column contains nothing remotely racist or pejorative; it is simply his opinion as guaranteed by the First Amendment which, as some forget when in disagreement, means “freedom of speech.” That is the bedrock foundation of America. Any talk of boycotting the Gazette supports censorship and reveals almost criminal stupidity.
The creators of the hilarious (and LGBTQ endorsed) “Avenue Q” musical got it right: “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist.” It’s human nature. Nonetheless, inflated race-baiting from the Democratic Party is designed to spur the same kind of mass hysteria as the Salem Witch Trials where 19 women and men were hanged. However, this time they just want to win an election but, hey, if we have to destroy a few lives along the way.

– Paul P

I know Doug and he is not advocating white supremacy! A person can read anything they want into what he has to say but I for one support his views!
He is a good and upstanding person.

– Ellie Lacy (Gazette advertiser)

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  1. I know for a fact there are multiple letters sent in support of the boycott and Smith’s comments. The fact that none were published is a blatant example of bias.

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