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| Opinion | August 10, 2017

Okay, so President Trump could halt funds for Obamacare subsidies. Or will Obamacare be allowed to completely fail after all of the insurance companies pull up stakes and exit the exchanges? If so, does that really mean the insurance companies pack up their toys and bawl their way back to the great insurance mommy in the sky? Or do the insurance companies miraculously begin offering perhaps new products to compensate for the loss of business from the Obamacare failure? 

I suspect the latter may be the case but I wouldn’t expect these “new” products to be cheap, at least not initially. The irony with my hypothetical is the proverbial 180 in the healthcare insurance sector. We would be back to the supply and demand approach of free market capitalism and devoid of other constraints as it should be. Perhaps this lesson, while unquestionably painful for a time, would be a very inexpensive lesson of the pitfalls of Socialized anything in the long run.

 I have benefitted from Obamacare so any opinion which one might construe regarding my questioning this issue can be considered reasonably unbiased. I might add that I would be open to regulation of the health insurance industry along the lines of what exists for the auto insurance industry so long as such regulation is limited to protecting policy holders from deception, price fixing, and fraud.


Columnist Robert Patrick Lewis was 100% factually correct.  Don’t think the misery that was inflicted on the Country of Venezuela by 2 consecutive America-Hating Socialists won’t happen here, in the United States.  If liberals successfully continue to unfairly bash President Trump, lowering his job approval ratings into the gutter, where they do not belong at all, we could wind up with another 2 American socialists, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, lord forbid to turn our great Country into another Venezuela.  They, along with most Democrats today will give free healthcare and education (indoctrination of students) and bankrupt us as what happened in Venezuela.  And lord forbid what happens to any dissenting Americans.  Just look at what happened to Venezuela.




I’ve known Donald Trump for years, and I’m a huge Republican from Texas.  I hate it that so many people drank his koolaid and gave him a chance, as he never was the right guy for what you want to achieve.  Many of us knew what a snake Don is, so we aren’t surprised his Presidency has been an absolute worthless soap-opera disaster.  He isn’t making anything great, and he isn’t capable of it.  This whole thing has been a game to him, a conquest, a trophy to uphold his ego (hi own sister said that).  He gets everyone around him to pick fights with each other while he plays golf, he’s always been like that.  He is a master at “playing” people, as he sees us all as idiots and sheep to be herded, and you are falling for it.  He’ll be lucky to not be impeached and to stay out of jail.  He is only polling 40% with Republicans, which is really bad.  A word of advice:  take a neutral ground before you hurt your business.  You won’t make a positive impact spewing your minority views when the vast majority either never backed him or they turned off to him since he took office.  Open your mind and pay attention…..Trump has no reputable support, and source after source is exposing his failure and his malfeasance.  Even Fox News is bashing him now.  I know it isn’t what you want to hear, and I’d rather it be different, too, but it is what we have to deal with, and we are better off dealing with truth.  Just let it play out, or you will likely be seen as part of the problem.

I went to college with Rick Perry, and I briefly worked for his Presidential campaign when he asked me to, until he shot himself in the foot so much during the first ten days that all of us on his committee quit.  I wouldn’t put him in charge of any of the companies I own, and I kept him off the Board of Texas A&M’s athletic booster organization a few years ago.  I have ties to Jeff Sessions, he’s a spineless crook himself with behavior issues.  Tillerson I’ve worked with, he’s a really good man, though tough.  Gorsuch was a perfect choice with impeccable credentials, but Trump knows nothing about him, used to not be able to remember his name, and couldn’t tell you his wife’s name or his last judgeship (he was recommended by half of the RNC, so he isn’t even an accomplishment for Trump, especialy since we control Congress and pushed him through confirmation).  Kelly was my commanding officer when I was in the Corps years ago, and I would take a bullet for him.  Most of the rest of his cabinet are troubling people, though there are a couple of potential stars (DeVos is a glorified housewife at best), but they weren’t appointed to build and improve, they were appointed to marginalize their agencies so Trump could rule as King, which isn’t going to help our nation nearly as much as hurt it. 

I read your recent editorial at breakfast this morning.  My reaction was not “oh, good, a fine Republican”, and it wasn’t “well, I don’t exactly agree”.  My reaction was “this guy is so far off he is detached from reality”.  You will push people further from the Republican party with your methodology.

Just watch, a slew of much better Republicans will challenge Fake President Trump this next election cycle, and we will get a much better leader in the White House (though we may lose Congress in the meantime).  Don’t hurt yourself over a one-termer, pick a better fight by supporting the next guy.


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