Notes From an Extreme Centrist – To Impeach or Not to Impeach, that is the Question!

| Opinion | November 27, 2019

The pundits in the press and my Ever Trumper friends have this all wrong. Just like the talking heads on cable, they are breathlessly following and interpreting all kinds of polls — polls predicting whether the impeachment thing works for or against the Dems politically, the same polls they were trashing with good reason three short years ago.

Spoiler alert! Polls any time before October 2020 are meaningless. This isn’t rocket science, boys and girls. It’s really quite simple. The election will be a referendum on Trump. By next Labor Day, impeachment will be a dim, cloudy memory in the pre-consciousness of America — maybe not as dim as Stormy Daniels and “Individual 1,” but certainly as cloudy as The Mueller Report is now. Nope! The entire Kabuki will only add to the national exhaustion with the hyper-drama of the Trump presidency. Only two things will determine if Trump is reelected:

Is the Democratic nominee a moderate?
Can most Americans imagine that nominee as president?

That’s it! The Dems chances don’t look very good right now. I’m in the Biden-will-fade camp. Mayor Pete appears to be, at least according to polls a year out, the only “moderate” with a chance. Can most Americans imagine an under-40 gay man as commander in chief? In November 2015 I never thought America could imagine a pompous, boorish ass like Donald Trump as president. So, boys and girls, anything can happen between now and next Labor Day.

Which brings me to my second point. Literally no one is focused on whether Trump deserves to be removed from office, not as a political or even a strictly legal issue, but as a moral and ethical issue. Despite all the bellowing and amateur legal pedantry of Trump’s defenders, the evidence is overwhelming that Trump and Co. did exactly what they are accused of doing. Yes, O.J. got off and Trump will get off too, but puh-leeeze! We all know both Trump and O.J. are guilty.


Does this one drama justify removal from office? I honestly don’t know. We all knew exactly what we were getting when we elected Trump. That said, yes, the House should impeach Donald Trump because, morally and ethically, this guy is simply not fit for the office of the presidency. He consistently puts his own self-interests above those of the nation. He proves that almost every day. In fact, if he is reelected, the House should begin impeachment proceedings again as soon as he violates his oath of office the next time. And, while I won’t predict who the Dems will nominate or who will win in 2020, I guarantee you that if Trump wins he will violate his oath of office again, BIGLY!

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