Offense is the Best Defense

| Opinion | November 14, 2019

by Rob Werner

Remember the Trump campaign’s slogan, “crooked Hillary”? Supporters wanted her in prison. Back then, it was assumed that Trump would never get elected. Despite the chants of “lock her up,” many of Hillary Clinton’s opponents didn’t want her incarcerated. It’s disturbing to have first ladies imprisoned. Despite his rhetoric, Trump had a different agenda.

Democrats and the press believed Trump would go after them. Bureaucrats, employees of our intelligence services and politicians would lose their positions, their wealth and reputations. Many would be imprisoned for their crimes. For political survival, leading Democrats decided that President Trump needed to be eliminated. If not by assassination, then by removal. They went on the offensive.

Flash forward, and the focus directed at Trump’s presidency is on successive allegations: he is evil, corrupt, immoral, incompetent, deranged and criminal. Everything he does is presented negatively. Now, even supporters apologize for his behavior. The relentless pursuit of impeachment lowered standards. Now it’s permissible to impeach because of dislike with a triggering claim. The most corrupt politicians lead the charge. One unexpected effect of this relentless offensive against Trump is that people like me now see the necessity of going after current and former leaders for corruption and misbehavior. It’s time we raise standards, even if this results in a former president being incarcerated.

We now know that the Russian collusion claim against Trump was a setup financed by the Democrats. We know the Obama administration authorized spying on the Trump campaign. The Obama administration bragged they had no scandals. Obama’s attorney general saw to it that investigations were suppressed. Perpetrators were given immunity. It did not matter that offenders refused to answer questions under the Fifth Amendment. We were lied to about Benghazi and Operation Fast and Furious (gun running). The $5 billion that went missing from the State Department during Hillary’s watch is still missing. Russia gained control of our uranium at the behest of the Clintons, who profited. Obama made his own treaty with Iran, gave them billions and released terrorists without congressional approval.


Trump’s alleged misdeeds all get unrelenting coverage until they are found false. This is true for the Russian influence, racial, religious and sexual harassment claims. The latest is an alleged quid pro quo — Ukrainian aid halted without reopening investigations of corruption. It was okay for the Obama administration to halt aid unless the previous investigation of corruption related to Biden was stopped.

Now, to find wrongdoing, second-hand informants are considered whistleblowers. Without evidence justifying impeachment, Democrats created a committee on impeachment inquiry. Chairman Adam Schiff met with and schooled the “whistleblower” prior to hearings. He engineered a false statement for public consumption. He decides who can testify, asks questions and what questions can be asked. He doesn’t want questions about the guy being a Never Trumper in our security service, his involvement with Democratic engineering of the Russia probe or having no first-hand knowledge.

What it’s about is the corruption of Vice President Biden in assisting his son’s ill-gotten gains. It’s not surprising that political families, including the Bidens, Pelosis and Romneys, made millions from Ukraine. They don’t want that investigated.

This year, an investigation was commenced by the Justice Department looking into possible criminal conduct by those spying on Trump and setting up the false Russian narrative. You can be assured of one thing: if there are indictments, the story will be turned against Trump.

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