OMG, It’s the ‘MyPillow Guy’

| Opinion | August 2, 2018

by Stephen Smith

I recently was shopping at my favorite store, Costco. It is a great place to stock up on your household essentials, whether it is paper goods, furniture or some of the best rib-eye in town. One of their marketing strategies is to make your shopping experience a treasure hunt. If you see something you want, you better buy now, because it may not be available by your next visit. They also have vendor-sponsored temporary booths that sell products, such as knives or blenders, which are pitched by the manufacturer for a few days only. During this visit, I spotted a product I have long been interested in. You probably are interested in it as well due to their ever-present commercials featuring “buy one and get one free.” You know them. The salesman was pitching for the “MyPillow Guy.”

The story of Mike Lindell, Inventor, Manufacture and CEO of MyPillow Inc., is truly the story of the American Dream realized. His products are proudly made in America with American labor and American raw materials. He is a job and wealth creator. His success is unquestioned. He is generous and gives back to the community. He is the best salesman for his line of bedding products. His smile is infectious, his mustache substantial. He clearly cares about his customers and provides a living for his employees. His customers love his pillows. His Christianity is publicly proclaimed to all who notice the cross hung around his neck. Just look at him closely in his commercials and – OMG! He is a Conservative! He does not publicly attack President Trump! I would further expect that he supports policies of lower taxes and eliminating unnecessary regulations! OMG!

So, how is it that the “OMG” part of this story comes out while I was in conversation with a salesman promoting the MyPillow products? The company’s sales provide an honest livelihood for MyPillow Inc. employees, generate charitable giving, and the CEO is an honorable man of faith. Sadly, the salesman has found himself victim to the end of civility, and perhaps a witness to the beginning of the end of our civil society. While performing his work duties, he has been verbally attacked, his product disparaged and his CEO reviled because Mike Lindell is a Conservative, and not an enemy of President Trump. Imagine what the salesman must feel. He is selling an honest product at an honest price that benefits the customer – from a company that is a responsible member of the community – and he is attacked because the company that he represents is not an enemy of the President of the United States. The patrons of the store felt free to uncivilly verbally assault him and the products he represents.

If he wants to keep his job, he must take the abuse with grace. Note: Just because you have the legal right to express yourself in the manner that those patrons did, does not mean you should. I understand that passions run high when it comes to President Trump, and that he is viewed as an anathema to some. Many of our leadership, such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters have called for this type of public shunning. Mike Lindell and MyPillow Inc. have no influence on public policy or any control over what the President might say or do. He and his company are good public citizens. They contribute to the American economy, so why are they targets for such public rage? It begins with the mainstream media and the political left having failed in electing the traditional Leftist-ruling elite in the last election. They have pursued a strategy of, at all costs, destroying Donald Trump and those who are close to him. It seems they believe that elections have consequences only if those elected are progressive Leftist. (Remember President Obama remarking that elections have consequences.) What we are seeing from the Left is a call for anarchy and the breaking down of our Constitutional Republic and a civil society. The fact that so many Americans are buying into their scenarios is frightening.


I recommend that we all take a deep breath and separate the President’s ill-advised tweets from his enacted policies. Despite the foul predictions by Leftist prognosticators, the policies of letting the people keep more of their own money and reducing regulations have been spectacularly successful. Never has the unemployment levels of African Americans and Hispanics been so low, and homeownership rates been so high. The economy is on a roll, and we have seen positive movement in North Korea and NATO. Trade deals are being made. These are very exciting and positives times. We must begin shutting out all the noise and begin treating those with whom we disagree with substantially more civility and respect. Now, if I could only enlighten Maxine Waters.

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  1. Since I have a couple of dear friends in Rotary who work that very job around the country, I am so glad you wrote this. I didn’t know they may have been subjected to such abuse; I have never heard of someone going into a Ben and Jerry’s and giving the workers there a ration because their company’s founders are Lefty loons.

    Thanks for writing and sharing this.


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