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| Opinion | May 5, 2018

Let’s Fix It

In a recent issue of the Gazette, Lee Barnathan and Tammy Messina wrote interesting articles about issues and communication. However, presenting solutions to specific issues and communications won’t help the Republican Party in California because voters are not going to buy into those approaches. There are internal problems within the party that MUST be fixed before the GOP can be effective in California.

The first problem within the GOP is the idea that only the right and far right are true Republicans. The right and far right believe there is no place in the party for moderates or liberals and they call moderates and liberals “RINOS.” That is really, really dumb – NO, it is really, really STUPID. What does the far right want the moderates and liberals in the party to do – join and vote for Democrats? I am a moderate Republican, and I find the term “RINO” repulsive and insulting. Public Perception: Far right, unyielding, no compromising, no place and no voice for moderates and liberals.

How many different Republican organizations are there in Santa Clarita? Do they have the same agenda or belief systems? Do they publicly disagree? Do they agree or disagree with other GOP organizations within the counties, and state? I believe there is too much infighting within the party. Public Perception: If the GOP can’t even manage their own party, they are not capable of running our state or national government.

There is a real need for clear, individual thinking within the Republican Party; after all, nobody is entirely right or entirely wrong on all issues. Most of all, Democrats foster the
”sheep mentality” among young voters who actually believe the GOP is wrong on all issues and Democrats are correct on all issues – the fact is, no political party is right all the time or wrong all the time – both the GOP and Dems included. Public Perception: The GOP is always wrong and too rigid in their thinking.

How is it that there are so many different Republican organizations throughout Southern California and in the state? Do they ever meet to settle their differences (compromise)?
There is factionalism within the GOP throughout the state, and this leads to a scattered approach to campaigning and preventing an honest, cohesive message to the voters.
Public Perception: The GOP needs an organizational overhaul from the state level right down to the local level


The GOP needs an inclusive team building approach that includes the far right, the moderates and liberals; this would create a cross-sectional approach to the party platform
that represents all elements of today’s society. As much as some elements of the party would hate that, it must be done if the party wants to be a party of the people.
Public Perception: The GOP does not understand the needs and wants of today’s society.

We can talk about what issues we want to present to voters or setting up a replacement for Facebook, but that is putting the cart before the horse. We need to face reality and fix things within the party before we can tell the voters what we want to do and why the GOP is a better choice for their votes. Right now, the GOP in California is in disarray.

Let’s fix it.

Earl Kangas, Newhall

Re: Bill Reynolds’ Letter to the Editor

Dear Veterans and those who appreciate Veterans,

If you monitor several local social media sites you may have noticed the ranting of a local radical left wing, gadfly and Hollywood entertainment magazine writer who covers super hero movies and such. His current beef stems from a previous Gazette article I submitted regarding Mexico’s stringent immigration laws. This fellow vigorously supports illegal alien immigration into our United States of America and the creation of sanctuary cities of which their protection includes illegal alien criminals from deportation. It’s noted that this unnamed fellow is a valued member of CA25UP, a local radical progressive political organization founded (following Crooked Hillary’s devastating November 2016 Presidential loss) by a local COC student.

This CA25UP member’s latest series of rants pertains to our Signal Newspaper’s Veteran Pages of which I interview local Veterans, collect their photographs and prepare their profiles for submittal to management. He claims that I am a prolific plagiarizer. Mind you, my role with the Signal, which I was recruited for, is purely voluntary. I have never presented myself as a trained journalist nor do I consider myself as such. I’m simply an amateur writer and a Vietnam combat Veteran. I was honored to join the Signal as it was clear that their intentions were to feature and honor SCV’s Veterans with their own full page every Friday. It’s a time consuming effort which I am dedicated to honor our Veterans to the very best of my ability. It’s an endeavor that I thoroughly enjoy every week and I know it’s fully appreciated by our Veterans community. Most of our Veterans are so pleased with their Signal Veterans Page that they obtain extra copies for family and friends and many have their page framed and hung in their homes and businesses. I give The Signal Newspaper and its management huge kudos for truly championing our Veterans.

Preparation for every week’s deadline is accomplished out of my home office excluding interviews and I periodically visit the Signal office to chat with my friends and associates there. One day in 2016, I arrived in the Signal’s lobby just as a 95 year old WWII Veteran entered as he was seeking several extra newspapers whose page appeared the previous Friday. He said to me with tears in his eyes, “Bill, thank you and the Signal so much for telling my story. My family doesn’t even know about this stuff.” That’s when I knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were onto something very significant.

This CA25UP person has claimed that he supports Veterans however his current desperate attempts through social media to shut me down along with the Signal’s Veterans Pages clearly contradict his claims. This assertion can be fully validated with a simple search of our local social media sites. It’s abundantly clear that his left wing agenda flies in the face of him championing Veterans.

Attention Face Book/CA25UP left wing agitators: My standing with the Signal and Gazette Newspapers has never been stronger.

Bill Reynolds – Valencia Resident
Vietnam Combat Veteran

Re: Bill Reynolds’ Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

That letter you published last week from Bill Reynolds lifted text verbatim from at least one other source without attribution.

When this was brought to the author’s attention, he became defiant and combative, accusing his critics of being mentally ill. Further exploration into his previously-published articles in another publication found widespread plagiarism akin to that contained in his letter.

I trust that you will agree that a writer who defiantly and knowingly submits stolen work is not suitable for your pages.

Your Obedient Servant,

Mike Devlin

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