Politics – Yay! Politicians – Yuck!

| Opinion | August 8, 2019

by Rob Werner

Politics is a necessary part of our representative government.  Politicians are the cancer that feast on it. They come in the cloak of every ideology and populate the leadership of every political party.

Many people believe term limits will prevent the creation of politicians.  This belief is a fallacy. Term limits increase the number of politicians. It suppresses the development of governing skills.  It ultimately surrenders policy decisions to the bureaucrats. Successful candidates for political office become politicians to win elections. Their election is funded by the sale of their souls to interest groups such as developers or unions.  Their drive for recognition and power is their major attribute. They camouflage their political ideology if they have one by promoting whatever will get them elected. They take for granted the support of those who brought them to prominence and sell them out to attract other voters.

Political office holders who start as good representatives often become politicians.  Some don’t. Senator Rand Paul appears not to have become a politician. While maintaining his loyalty to his party he retains the principles of his ideology which is not modified by public opinion polls.  He neither hesitates to support or disagrees with the President.
One might surmise that entering politics exposes people to a disease which converts them into politicians, but labeling this condition as a disease attracts sympathy.  This condition is more a character flaw. One that should make you run for cover from the most affable, gregarious and agreeable people who utilize their ability as a smoke screen for personal gain and power. They are the hackers and profiteers of fake cures.

Democrat President Harry Truman has been quoted, “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” Today, our government is dominated by people who have become multimillionaires via government employment.
Mitt Romney and the late Senator McCain are examples of Republican politicians.


Romney the son of a liberal governor became a liberal Republican to win the Governorship of Massachusetts. Then to win the Republican presidential primaries, he pretended to be a hard-core conservative.  He now portrays himself as the conscience of the Republican Party.

The primary issue in Senator McCain’s last election to the Senate was his advocacy of the repeal of Obamacare.  After his election, he cast the deciding vote against its repeal.

On the Democrat side, we have numerous reversals of opinions on immigration and sexual misconduct.

Illegal immigration is constantly the subject of news stories. Parodies published on Facebook, include prior speeches of Presidents Clinton and Obama as well as leaders in the house and Senate supporting strict enforcement of our immigration laws.  Were the statements made because they believed what they said or because it was popular at the time?

Numerous congressional hearings include Democrat representatives who advocate prosecution of sexual misconduct and harassment even though they are perpetrators of such acts.  Some benefited from secretly paid government funded hush money.

California passed a law requiring Presidential candidates to disclose old tax returns, those filed prior to entering political service.  We would be better served requiring government representatives to account for all the money they acquired while they were employed bythe government.

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