President Trump, General Flynn & Political Guerilla Warfare

| Opinion | March 5, 2020

For those of us who follow politics closely, the past three years have been interesting to say the least.

Many talking heads, pundits and journalists have chalked it up to merely an outsider disrupting the status quo in Washington, but I would posit that there’s something much deeper and more significant going on that many have completely missed.

I’m currently working on an in-depth article covering the political guerilla and asymmetric warfare that China has been waging on the USA for decades, and felt it was important to help shine a little light on the political guerilla warfare that we’ve been seeing domestically since the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016.

To start, let’s get a baseline for what guerilla warfare is. As a former Green Beret this is where most of my training and military experience focused, as Unconventional Warfare (guerilla warfare) is the hallmark focus of US Special Forces.

Guerilla warfare can be used in many situations. It can be partisans fighting against a larger, better equipped occupying force as we saw in our own revolutionary war, the Algerians saw (and was famously documented in the movie about) the battle of Algiers, and of course, most of the fighting that occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Or, as is often the case of US Special Forces, it can be used when a nation-state wants to overthrow a hostile regime without having their fingerprints on the regime change. This is typically why Green Berets grow beards, learn a foreign language and dress in the same manner as the rebels they are training, arming and fighting alongside – to keep American fingerprints off the operation.

At this point I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to many Americans to call the status quo in Washington a hostile force.

For many years, our elected officials, their media lapdogs and the lobbyists working on behalf of foreign (often enemy) nations have worked against the better interests of our nation, trying to disarm us, sending our taxpayer dollars to other nations while we have major problems domestically and building an administrative state that slowly but surely ate away at our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

An outsider with no political experience coming in to Washington with the purpose of dismantling and overthrowing this hostile force couldn’t do it through a head-on attack, as that would be pure suicide. Rather, much like the American raiders who adopted tactics from the Native Americans in their guerilla attacks on British forces, they would have to employ unconventional tactics to accomplish their mission.

The man chosen to help form the strategy of this unconventional operation was a man with a long history of unconventional warfare: General Michael Flynn, who spent his 32-year career in Military Intelligence, was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and was targeted by the corrupt and lawless members of the Obama administration for having the same goal as Donald J. Trump: to root out corruption.

When a smaller guerilla force is planning on attacking a larger, entrenched and better equipped occupying force, there are several main objectives that must be accomplished before any battle commences, or the chances of mission failure are too high to proceed.

First, the guerillas must gather as much intelligence as possible in order to determine effects of their operations: how will the enemy react, how long until reinforcements arrive, where are the enemy located, what are the easiest “targets of opportunity” and what are the enemy’s greatest weapons?

Before an attack, it’s necessary to “prep the battlefield” in order to neutralize the enemy’s response as much as possible. In Special Forces we’d do this through air strikes, artillery fire or mortars if we had nothing else.

In President Trump’s case, he immediately began neutralizing the enemy’s greatest weapon: the media.

Do you think it was by chance that Trump has been hammering the fake news media since day one? No, it was a strategic choice to neuter the weapon used by the hostile force any time a politician, concerned citizen or independent journalist stepped out of line and went against the narrative in the past.

To facilitate successful guerilla warfare against an entrenched enemy, it’s imperative to build an army of rebels, who act through decentralized planning but with the same overall objective. This is the part that most talking heads have completely missed, but what I would call one of the most important parts of this operation.

Many Americans have been expressing their anger at President Trump, former Attorney General Sessions and current AG Barr that none of the coup plotters or conspirators against a duly elected President have been arrested.

But you need to stop and ask yourself: with the current level of disdain, fake anonymous sources used by the media to push their anti-Trump agenda and rhetoric still pushed by the media on their (dwindling) audience, what do you think would happen if the arrests happened today?

As a little less than half of the country still believes the rhetoric espoused by the media, we would see rioting and civil unrest, something which can’t happen if you want a peaceful overthrow of a hostile regime.
The media has taken to calling it a cult, and many conservatives are using it as a badge of honor to call themselves a part of Cult 45. But I see it in a very different light. The most rabid supporters of President Trump are not a cult, but rather a guerilla army in the battle of information warfare.

In order to facilitate a peaceful transition of power, public opinion in the US must be shifted to the point where civil unrest is no longer a worry, or if it is, to make it such a small number of the population that it can be easily quelled.

In bypassing the media spin and talking directly to the American people, President Trump has provided ammunition to his guerilla fighters, who have taken to social media platforms and discussions with their friends and family to disseminate truth, counteract the false media narratives, prove the enemy status of the media and shift public opinion.

In a now famous speech given in Florida just before the 2016 election, then candidate Trump famously said, “this is not just another four-year election.”

The truth of this statement is only now being recognized. It was not merely an election, but the launching of a guerilla warfare campaign to overthrow the hostile regime in Washington and return power to the American people.

And even if the arrests have not yet occurred, by neutralizing the media, launching constant salvos of truth bombs on the American people and greatly shifting public opinion (just look at the size of his rallies), he’s winning the war.

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), author of Love Me When I’m Gone , The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

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About Robert Patrick Lewis

Robert Patrick Lewis is a former Green Beret combat veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa turned author. His book "Love Me When I'm Gone: the true story of life, love and loss for a Green Beret in post-9/11 war" is currently available, with his next book scheduled to hit the shelves in January 2015. He currently lives in Santa Clarita and works as an Investment Advisor Representative for TransAmerica Financial Advisors.

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