Progressives Manufacturing a Recession

| Opinion | September 5, 2019

by Rob Werner
You may have noticed that talk of an expected recession has suddenly become a dominant news story. Such talk, started as a wish list among many progressive Democrats who concluded that a disastrous recession was something the country needed, and something they were willing to stomach, if it would lead to a reemergence of progressive Democrat control over our entire government. Yes, the polls already say that Trump is headed for defeat, but they were wrong last election. A strong recession would guarantee that defeat.

This call struck a chord with billionaires in the anti-Trump crowd as well as China and other nations that thought they might benefit from changes in policy. Stock market, trade and currency manipulation soon followed. All it took was for some analyst to conclude that one of several indications that a recession was on its way, for the media to grab on to the story as a horror in the making by the current President.

So, rather than discussing our booming economy, full employment and the return of manufacturing to our country, the media is discussing the coming recession. They have grabbed onto what they have labeled, “Trumps trade war with China” as a cause of the future recession. The media’s conclusion that prior to Trump there was no trade war with China is evidence that our country’s press is no longer free but a propaganda wing for foreign and anti-American interests. The Chinese have been stealing billions of dollars of our products, billions of dollars of our technology and engaged in currency manipulation and price fixing. They have successfully eliminated many American competitors.

Depressions, recessions, poverty and conflict are needed to engineer the election of progressives, socialists, communists and socialists. These new leaders’ actions increase the poverty and dependence of the people who are constantly given the solution of more government more suppression and more confiscation from others to support the growing demand of those in need.

The last major recession was blamed on Bush but it was engineered by progressives. The final straw causing the recession was the burst of the housing market bubble. But it started during the Clinton administration. The argument was that to extend home ownership to those without financial means, little or no down payment should be required, and credit should be more available. Democrat operatives were placed in charge of the government program. People without financial means were successfully purchasing homes. Because there were not enough homes for everyone, values went up and those acquiring homes without investment were then able to borrow money. It was good while it lasted.


Bush became aware that the bubble might burst and asked congress to act. But by then, Congress was back in the hands of the Democrats who were not cooperative.

Clinton’s progressive wish to increase home ownership ultimately resulted in a reduction of such ownership but it did line the pockets of his campaign supporters.

Back in the 60s the Johnson administration declared a “War on Poverty.” The war resulted in an increase in poverty and made welfare such an acceptable form of income that people would often state, “I’m on the county,” when asked what their job was.

America’s prosperity should not be a partisan issue. It should not matter if our President is Democrat or Republican, we should all rejoice when the country is doing well. As Americans we retain our right of criticism. But this should be tempered by promoting actions that we honestly believe will improve our economy.

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