| Opinion | October 31, 2019

by Dale Paule

At the end of another hard day, it’s finally time for that well-deserved reward of supper, followed by settling back in the recliner, turning on your favorite TV “news” channel, and expecting to be informed truthfully about events taking place around the world that affect us all. And your mood will likely depend on whether you’re happy with what some politician has said or done, or “stompin’ mad” about something they haven’t said or done. Lately, the latter seems to be the trend, as the negative influence of politics surrounds and engulfs nearly everything we think about or do at home, work, school or even while we sleep!

So, when that TV “news”-giver smiles out at you from that 52-inch TV screen, and hands you yet another kick-in-the-teeth shot of bad news, what do you do? Well, you say you’ve had enough, and hit the off button on your remote. “That’ll show ‘em,” you say. But will it? Of course the answer is not a bit. Because, behind that now-blank TV screen, those politicians you are so angry and upset with are still happily chugging along and making swift progress toward their goals, while yours remain totally irrelevant to them. And what if you don’t like what they are doing? Tough toenails. This isn’t just television anymore pal, this is life. This is Realavision! And the big scary difference is Realavision ain’t got no off button!

How did we allow these politicians to get in the position where they can openly ignore the wishes of “We The People,” and blatantly replace them with their own?

There are probably lots of reasons, but only one that obviously stands out.


After decades of relying on TV and computers for getting our information concerning political goings-on, we’ve slowly allowed them to not only provide us with information, but to include a ready-made, canned version of it that we are expected to just accept, follow and above all, not question. And so we did. Many have lost the habit of running those ideas and information through our other, more dependable computer: our brain! It’s the one that uses common sense and logic to evaluate information, and is controlled solely by its owner and operator, which delivers to it the opportunity to form an educated opinion, rather than a dictated one.

There was a time when it was considered very hard to put anything over on
your typical American. And if we’re ever going to stop just accepting whatever we’re told without questioning it, we had better start getting back to that standard, and start being able to tell the difference between television and Realavision!

Don’t forget- even though Realavision may not have an off button, luckily, our brain does have a BS button!

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