Sanctuary Cafe – Open for Business

| Opinion | May 21, 2020

by Dale Paule

Just for a moment, imagine you’re back in the Old West sitting in a saloon at a poker table with a handful of aces, and you’ve just bet your whole pile of chips on what you’re sure is the slam-dunk winning hand. But then, the house suddenly announces they’ve decided to change the rules, and from now on, the deuce will be the highest card in the deck, and the ace, lowest.

It doesn’t take all that much imagination to predict what the next scene would likely be: six-shooters clearing leather and, well, you know the rest.

It’s been over a hundred years since a scene like that could take place, and even though it’s still the “West,” it’s not something that could happen today, right?

But, instead of sitting in a saloon at a poker table, what if you were sitting at a desk, in an office; and instead of holding aces in your hand, you were holding the last paycheck you’re likely to see for a long time, if ever again. All because the “house,” otherwise known as the “government,” suddenly announced the business where you were employed has been ordered to close its doors until further notice!


They say it applies to everyone and all businesses due to a deadly virus spreading across the country in pandemic proportion. Then you learn the order applies only to those businesses, and people the Government deems, “non-essential,” but those who are seen as, “essential” are exempted. Then, you notice, some of those deemed “essential” are businesses just like yours. How is it possible that the smaller stores selling clothes, cosmetics, sporting goods, books, and other everyday items are “non-essential,” and ordered to shut down, while some chain stores like Walmart, and Costco are classified “essential,” even though they offer the same items, and serve that same public those small businesses were serving, but are now prohibited from doing?

We’re sternly warned that we condemn our neighbors to certain death if we even consider opening our “non-essential” doors to the poor, unsuspecting and trusting public. Anyone who ignores the irrefutable scientific “Government Speak” evidence, should be considered selfish; concerned only with money, and the lives of their fellow citizens be damned!

Well, that pretty much stepped on any chance of trying to approach the issue from a logical point of view, and cooperate with the “experts” in government to find a safe way to resume business without endangering lives.

That’s when the air suddenly began to smell of fish.

As people began to exchange experiences and thoughts, it appeared the vast majority agreed; it just didn’t make sense to destroy an economy forever, in exchange for using common sense to defeat a temporary plague; which
In fact, was already showing signs of receding in many areas of the country. People began to question why the government in some states, like California for instance, were so adamant about pouring more effort into destroying an economy than the plague?

The motive, not surprisingly, pointed to a political goal rather than the governor’s concern for the well-being of the state’s citizens. In short, by keeping the economy from recovering too quickly before the next presidential election, there would be a strong possibility, Trump, hated by the Democrats, could be defeated, so full power and control of the country would be back where it “rightfully belongs!”

No one in their right noodle, that is, anyone not drinking “Political Koolaid” would choose economic destruction over saving lives. The reality is that we can do both, but we’ve got to get these self-serving politicians out of the way, and resume business, while practicing common sense, and proven methods of minimizing the danger of contact with the virus, until a vaccine is available.

All well and good you say; but the government is forbidding us from doing just that: they say it’s now “The Law!” and everyone knows you can’t break the law.
The answer to that is both yes and no.

There’s a law on the books, stating it’s against the law to remain in this country illegally. But when we tried to uphold that law, we were told those breaking
it were under a different, more caring law, called “Sanctuary,” and therefore exempt from that other law.

So, what if those businesses wishing to use safety and common sense were to just open their doors for business, claiming sanctuary?

You can just see the lawyer’s cease and desist orders, clearing leather, then, well, you know the rest.

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