Santa Clarita’s 30th Anniversary (Safe) Scavenger Hunt

| Opinion | July 13, 2017

It’s hard to believe that this year our beloved Santa Clarita is celebrating 30 years of cityhood. That’s 30 years of ribbon cuttings, parades, and memories – above all, it’s 30 years of being ranked among the safest cities in the U.S.

But, with all this talk about the recent surge in overdoses and crime in our town, we want to reassure the public that Awesometown is still the place where you can let your children hang outside of gas stations with friends. So, enjoy a kid-friendly scavenger hunt in finding “Sammy Clarita” (our city’s new mascot). You can find him at the following places – you know, to show you that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Jack in the Box in Canyon Country

Sammy Clarita loves hiding out at Jack in the Box. It’s the place where locals frequently grub, and there hasn’t been a stabbing there since 2008. Feel free to loiter and search high and low for Sammy around the Jack in the Box perimeter. But please, do not look for Sammy by the dumpsters past 8 p.m., because … Sammy needs his sleep.

Jake’s Way


Sammy Clarita is a horse, so he loves horsing around apartment complexes! Don’t be afraid to scour below stairways and between alleys to find Sammy – those shootings were so long ago. Once you find him, you can keep him. Just make sure you take a photo with him and tag the City of Santa Clarita on instagram, so we know you are safe (from having too much fun!).

Begonias Lane Park

Do you enjoy basketball? So does Sammy. In fact, he loves shooting hoops so much, that we have hidden him at Begonias Park two days in a row! Just make sure you don’t cross the pretty yellow tape to look for him, or you might have to meet one of Santa Clarita’s very own sheriffs! And, if you are lucky, they might give you a free ride downtown. Make sure and let them know you are searching for Sammy, or you might just be considered a suspect.

Liquor Stores

Sammy is a huge fan of late night snacks. You can catch him purchasing oats and hay at one of Santa Clarita’s many liquor stores. Sammy can only be at one place at one time, so you might want to start looking at around dusk if you want to find Sammy by 5 a.m. If you need any hints, just post an ad on craigslist asking if anyone has seen him – with a parent’s permission, of course. If your internet connection is fast, you will be snuggling with Sammy before you know it!

Have fun out there. We know that Sammy sure is!

**This is a satire. The Views and Opinions expressed in these columns are those of the writer, not necessarily those of SCV Publications/Santa Clarita Gazette.**

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