Sedition, Projection, Treason & Lies

| Opinion | June 20, 2019

One of the common themes from the MSM and political Obama holdovers has been a recurring cycle of hurling allegations at President Trump which have no evidence, are quickly debunked or turn out to be crimes actually committed by the accusers (Clinton, Powers, Brennan, Comey, McCabe).

And while the sheer volume of unfounded accusations are curious on their own, perhaps the more interesting aspect of the situation is that many of these accusations would be true had they been thrown at former Democrats.

If we look into our very recent past, we find that when Democrats – Presidents and senators alike – actually committed and were caught for these crimes, the media felt it was neither important to investigate nor report on them.

I’d like to name just a few of the accusations falsely hurled at President Trump, and will note where they actually occurred under a Democrat to show the hypocrisy in our media today.

Let’s start with the collusion narrative, the current favorite of the Democrats. Even after being disproved by The Mueller Report, there are still holdouts amongst the MSM and Democrats who are parroting this term (and losing a large amount of viewers & polling numbers for it).
While President Trump has been cleared of this claim, did you know that Senator Ted Kennedy colluded with the Russians (yes, the same ones) in an attempt to help them defeat Ronald Reagan’s presidential re-election?


Records have been unearthed in Russia that Senator Kennedy sent his law school pal to hand deliver a memo directly to the KGB offering his assistance in defeating Reagan’s re-election. Kennedy went so far as offering to fly to Russia to meet Andropov and to set up meetings in the U.S. between Russian leaders and Kennedy’s “friends in the media” like Barbara Walters and Walter Kronkite to influence American’s opinions of Russia.

Why do you think that the media, so intent on naming Russian Collusion as a treasonous offense, haven’t brought this up in their non-stop reporting? It would seem a pertinent point to make that the darling Democrat senator was actually guilty of colluding with the Russians in the height of the Cold War.

And what about Bill Clinton, for whom the Chinese state intelligence agency directed funds to help his re-election efforts? When investigators began looking into the matter, Clinton vigorously fought attempts to form a special counsel to investigate.

Again, this sounds like it would be a pretty timely point for the media to dig up, if they weren’t in fact beholden to the Democrat party – but apparently foreign influence in U.S. elections only matters if it helps a Republican.

Still in the Clinton crime family, what about John Solomon’s reporting that Alexandra Chalupa, Joe Biden and the DNC colluded directly with corrupt Ukrainian politicians to dig up (fake) dirt on then candidate Trump? Isn’t accepting political dirt from foreigners supposed to be a bad thing, as reported by George Stephanapolus and repeated ad nauseum by the MSM last week?

Another oft-stated false claim against President Trump is that he is attacking the freedom of the press by calling them the “enemy of the people.”

But what about the proven fact that Obama wiretapped 29 AP reporters, jailed several and there is still a court case with Sheryl Atkison regarding Obama’s FBI spying on her for her reporting on subjects the Obama administration didn’t like? I would say spying on journalists and jailing them would be considered much more of an attack on the freedom of the press than name-calling and tweets.

But what do I know?

The term “treason” has been thrown around a lot lately, but as AG Barr stated, treason has a very specific legal definition that doesn’t fit what we’ve been witnessing from the media and Democrats for the past two years.

But an enterprising American citizen who wanted to know what was in store for these corrupt “journalists” and politicians should look up the definition of “sedition,” and the context of why it was put into law in the United States.

You may be surprised to find that we’ve been here before as a nation, and have laws on the books specifically to fight the poor, childish and anti-American behavior we’ve been witnessing from the “enemy of the people.”

Robert Patrick Lewis is a Green Beret OIF/OEF combat veteran with 10th SFG(A), CMO of Heroes Media Group, entrepreneur, MBA and award-winning author of Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love and Loss for A Green Beret In Post-9/11 War, The Pact and The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic. Follow him @RobertPLewis on Twitter or on his RobertPatrickLewisAuthor Facebook page.

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About Robert Patrick Lewis

Robert Patrick Lewis is a former Green Beret combat veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa turned author. His book "Love Me When I'm Gone: the true story of life, love and loss for a Green Beret in post-9/11 war" is currently available, with his next book scheduled to hit the shelves in January 2015. He currently lives in Santa Clarita and works as an Investment Advisor Representative for TransAmerica Financial Advisors.

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