See Ya in the Funny Papers

| Opinion | March 19, 2020

by Dale Paule

It suddenly dawned on me why I’ve been having trouble making sense out of the Democrats’ strategy and actions to derail Trump. Turns out it was because I’ve been getting my information from the wrong section of the newspaper. When I switched from reading the front page to the comics section: bingo! It all began to make perfect sense.

If you’re only getting your information from the newspaper or mainstream media, try turning to the comic section of the newspaper, or switching channels to one of those kids cartoon programs, and you’ll see what I mean.

Politicians, like school children, continually claim to have been “offended” by some action or comment, then tearfully exempt themselves from like behavior, using the “Johnny hit me first” excuse, followed by the “I’m shocked, simply shocked” look as they search for the closest television camera to demonstrate their most “offended” pose.

Newspapers and television could open up a whole new group of readers and viewers by changing their approach to presenting political news. For instance, wouldn’t it be fun to see cartoon depictions of political events on the front page of the newspaper instead of those attention grabbing, and more-often misleading headlines for a change? And how about mainstream media running “Road Runner vs. Wiley Coyote” cartoons showing the Dems setting traps to destroy Trump, then, as usual, ending up backfiring on them: “KaBooom!—Beep, Beep!” There’s enough real examples of that floating around to make it into a mini-series!


There was a time when people got all their information from only one source: the newspaper. Then along came radio, and you didn’t have to bother stopping to buy a newspaper on the way home to learn what was happening. Now all you had to do was sit back in your easy chair and listen, while some soothing voice told you all you needed to know. It wasn’t long until the internet and the iPhone made it even easier; you just hit a couple of buttons, and the world’s never-ending and startling events are explained to you instantly. But now, by a well-groomed face to match the soothing, and reassuring voice.

But news is like ice cream; too much of it can give you a bellyache, or in the case of news, a headache and a bellyache!

Because of intense competition for more readers and viewers, newspapers and television networks push the “truth envelope” to create ever bigger, and scarier versions of events to grab the viewers attention to justify that frightening “Alert–Breaking News” as it flashes across your television screen; or, “We interrupt this program to bring you, etc,” jumps out of your radio and gets your blood pumping.

There comes a point when the human brain is so overwhelmed by being constantly bombarded with too much information, too fast, that it becomes impossible to tell the difference between an urgent, life threatening situation, or a merely routine matter.

We’re close to surrendering our ability to think, and decide issues for ourselves, and if that ever happens, television and newspapers, with their eye-catching, misleading headlines will have replaced that ability with whatever the headline and commentary wants it to be.

No one knows when, or if this trend will ever end, but it probably all began with “primitive man,” depicting important events on cave walls. It gives “modern man” a rare glimpse into life, as that “Primitive Man” who told it in crude drawings saw it.

It would interesting though, to know whether it was also the way others saw it!

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