Speculation About the Future

| Opinion | April 18, 2019

What would this world be like, in about ten years from now?
Would this author, on life’s stage, have made his final bow?
Technologically, our future will be incredible and fantastic.
However, other areas of our lives will be harsh and drastic.

So-called “experts” may disagree, jumbling both opinion and fact.
They don’t seem to consider how most of the world would react.
All the greatest technological advances will be right before our eyes.
Wonders will never cease, every day there’ll be a new surprise.

We will have conquered all diseases; our health will be the best.
Yet, there’ll always be the elite, and also the oppressed.
Flying cars and trips to the moon will become a reality.
But I’m afraid we will have not found a cure for poverty.

We won’t be able to get along. I’m sure there’ll still be war.
We will always disagree; it’s a human trait we can’t ignore.
Our ability to think and learn will be impaired by technology.
All motivation will disappear, we’ll have lost curiosity.

Our state of mind won’t be sound; we will be ruled by insanity.
We’ll have forgotten about the past and repeat the horrors of history.
Incentive will no longer exist; we’ll have to do what we are told.
We’ll be enslaved in our mental jails, with all our thoughts controlled.


Our dream about the future is being misshapen into a worrisome nightmare.
And yet there may only be a few of us who will really seem to care.
And what about the rest of the world? It’ll be full of aggression and hostility.
I wish I had some better news, but we’re in need of more peace and tranquility.

We’ll never reach utopia. As an imaginary land, it will always remain.
No matter how hard we try, it’s a place we can never attain.
I may sound pessimistic about the future; you might even call me naive.
It’s obvious history always repeats itself. It’s something I believe.

Copyright 2019, William Tozzi, Golden Pen Writers Guild, Santa Clarita, CA

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