The Best Candidate for California’s 25th Congressional District

| Opinion | December 5, 2019

by John Smith

I have read and re-read all the comments about what everyone has said about each candidate, but all the reasons have been either personal or biased without consideration of what is best for all the constituents in the 25th district. I have not been involved in primary politics for many years, but after watching the last election, the debates and all the rhetoric why Steve Knight lost that election, I knew it was time to get involved. Frankly, the only reason we lost that seat was a very ineffective campaign and the fire it takes to win an election. Steve Knight lacked the fire it takes to win, and we all witnessed it, but people are still making excuses. Those excuses sound like Hillary’s list of excuses for losing to President Trump. And speaking of President Trump, that is another reason Knight lost — he lost the base by separating himself from the president. Not only are there YouTube videos, I also personally heard Steve Knight at various functions running away from the president on many issues.

You all have heard those comments, but just to trigger your memory, here are a few of the anti-Trump issues or, as I call them, the Romney candidate! Steve Knight endorsed DACA and said he would sign it immediately, which — oh by the way — is against our current laws, and in four years in Congress never once authored or recommended any new or changes to a terrible immigration law. He also said he was against Trump building cages and separating children. Again, Steve somehow did not know that Obama built those cages, but he was unaware that nearly 70% of those caught coming through our porous border were being brought by child and sex traffickers and the administration wanted to put those children with their rightful family member. That is what generated the 24-hour DNA test. But the cages are no more, as Trump has built new and improved facilities, no thanks to guys like Knight in Congress. But this was not all his fault since Ryan was the worst speaker! When Knight was asked, “What if the House goes to the Democrats in 2019, what will be the impact on the administration?”, Knights response was, “Not much different than with the Republicans in charge. The American people are resilient and will adapt quickly.” Now we see that is all impeachment. Another weakness is the Second Amendment as Knight supports many liberal policies concerning gun sales. I could find no record of Knight ever visiting the border to get a firsthand knowledge about the crisis, and that was one of my personal evaluations to see just how serious a candidate is by seeing and talking to the Border Patrol. I have been there many times and donated as well to build that wall.

Mike Garcia has also been to the border and got detailed briefings about the problems and the solution, something no other candidate has done. Knight disagrees with the president on many issues and he openly admits that, so in my opinion that makes him an ineligible candidate for Congress. We need and want someone with the guts to support the president on his agenda. So, if you vote for Trump, you cannot vote for someone who disagrees — otherwise, vote Democrat! The only choice is Mike Garcia!


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2 Responses to “The Best Candidate for California’s 25th Congressional District”

  1. Berta González-Harper on December 8, 2019 @ 4:43 pm

    I so agree with your comments. Steve Knight did not support President Trump or the political agenda that we the people demanded by voting for President Trump. Knight is a RINO, more concerned with pandering to illegal aliens than working for American citizens and legal immigrants despite the fact that his own wife is a legal immigrant now Naturalized Citizen. We do not need anymore phonies like Knight in Washington. We need someone who understands what the people want and need and has the gumption to work for us, not the special interest groups. In my opinion that is Mike Garcia so yet again I agree, vote Mike Garcia.

  2. Ok Boomer. You’re reasons are out of touch with the rest of CA-25. It’s going to suck that we aren’t taking the seat because if the campaigns don’t change.

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