The Best Candidate for California’s 25th Congressional District

| Opinion | January 2, 2020

By John Smith 

This is the third of my columns about which candidate is the best for California’s 25th congressional district. In the first piece, I described why Steve Knight is not qualified as a candidate for many reasons, but one primary reason is that he does not support President Trump on many key issues. I also provided information about Mike Garcia’s tremendous qualifications and his grassroots success, coupled with his ability to unite all parties behind him. This column will provide a comparison of the two candidates


It’s time to tell it like it is! Steve Knight’s rise in politics was primarily running on the coat tails of his father, one of the greatest fighter pilots and test pilots ever, William J. “Pete” Knight. Upon retirement, Pete entered politics and did a great job, and Steve followed in his footsteps, enjoying the support from everyone that voted for his father. Since losing the last election to a non-qualified candidate (who frankly beat him in every debate), Steve has said it was not a big deal to lose the House of Representatives because Americans are resilient. Steve also left his position early after being defeated. The GOP was trying to get a couple last-minute bills passed in 2018, but Steve closed his office in Washington the first week in December. Maybe that is the norm, but why do we pay them over $ 15,000 per month (which I am against anyway)? Steve lacks commitment.

So, here we are, faced with who is the best candidate for Congress, Mike Garcia or Steve Knight. Consider the following four criteria: education, military service, post-military employment and political background.




Steve received an A.A. from Antelope Valley College in 2006 and graduated from Palmdale High School in 1984.

Mike Garcia graduated from Saugus High School in 1994, one of the top students in his class, and then graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in the top 3 percent of his class in 1998 with a degree in aerospace engineering and political science. Mike also completed a two-year master’s degree in 11 months from Georgetown University in national security. Mike then graduated from fighter pilot school as the number one graduate in his class! Leadership counts!

Military Service


Steve spent two years active in the U.S. Army in Germany from 1985 to 1987 and then six years in the Army Reserves.


Mike Garcia was one of the first to fly the new F/A-18E Fighter in combat over Iraq from an aircraft carrier, flying 30 combat missions. He was a leader in every position he held. Mike retired from the Navy and came back to Santa Clarita. Kurt Schlichter, in his article about Mike Garcia, gave him the perfect name: “Jihadi killer.”


Post-Military Employment


Steve was with the LAPD for 18 years before leaving and entering politics.

Mike Garcia retired from combat and went to work for Raytheon, a defense contractor. Mike was soon promoted to vice president to lead a $7 billion program for a defense contract for the U.S. government. This is just another very important issue that separates Mike from all other candidates. This district probably receives more defense contracts then anywhere in the country.


Mike not only has the credentials and the knowledge about our “Aerospace Valley,” but has the leadership skills to play a key role for future defense contracts. With his experience as a fighter pilot and aerospace engineer, his advanced degree in national defense, and his current skills in managing a multi-billion dollar defense program, Mike is the most qualified candidate ever!


Mike Garcia has had all leadership positions his entire life.


Political Background


Steve was on the Palmdale City Council, and served in the California State Assembly, California State Senate and U.S. Congress.


Mike Garcia has no experience in elected office. But, he is a brilliant man with leadership second to none! He has charisma and communication skills that are second to none! His debate skills are superior and just what we need in Congress.


Since the 2018 election, Mike Garcia is the only one to call out Katie Hill for her misrepresentation of this district, and he did it regularly and kept engaged in the fight. Steve Knight was silent as always and never once challenged Katie Hill.


Mike is a proven leader and talks to everyone in our district. He not only asks what things are important to them, but asks what they believe to be the best way to resolve all issues. He listens and the constituents trust him, and he is in this race to represent every person in the district. Both men love their country, and both are patriots, but this seat is too important for taking back the House of Representatives.

I have gotten to know Mike and his family. His debate skills are polished, his passion is clear and unclouded, and his resolve is unquestionable. Mike is the son of an immigrant, a natural leader and the kind of person who will say what he will do and then do what he says. He is also a steadfast supporter for President Trump. There is no light between Trump’s policies and Mike Garcia. Mike is a man of unquestionable integrity and character.


Mike Garcia is the future of the GOP, and if you all can meet him, you will also agree and pick him to be our congressman. Mike is brilliant and ready for the position, and he will win any debate that he is involved with. Mike is a tireless and energetic candidate, and his energy is contagious. Mike’s campaign has numerous volunteers in Simi Valley, with a staffed campaign office, numerous volunteers in Santa Clarita with another staffed campaign office, and soon he will have an additional office in the Antelope Valley. His campaign is grassroots. I have personally been part of a door-to-door campaign in Simi Valley, Santa Clarita and in the Antelope Valley. Mike will not take anything for granted. He and his staff work tirelessly every day, and his support is growing tremendously. Mike is the only person with great communication, organizational and policy skills who supports President Trump one hundred percent, and who can unite the Republican Party.


There is no second choice. I urge you all to get behind Mike and let’s take back this seat!

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  1. Shane Warburton on January 28, 2020 @ 5:04 pm

    With all due respect, this article is heavily biased towards Garcia. While you go into detail about Garcia’s qualifications, you mention nothing of Steve’s accomplishments in his 18 years in the LAPD. You brush off that incredible service in a mere sentence. Just an observation.

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