The Chutzpah Of Defending The Indefensible

| Opinion | April 11, 2019

by Eric Goldin

If I may indulge you for a moment about a ridiculous scenario, imagine if a Jewish person tried to defend Nazism. What if they were to say, “Nazism isn’t actually all that bad. Hitler didn’t hate Jews. You haven’t fully studied the whole geo-political situation and global affairs in regards to the rise of the Nazi party. Have you fully read the Nazi’s official platform? Have you studied every single speech given by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and other top-ranking Nazis at the time? Have you fully read Mein Kampf in the original German?”

This would all be pure foolishness. But what if they were to continue … “Even if Nazism was terrible, it’s the United States’ fault anyway. Germany was treated harshly after World War 1 which led to the rise of extremist groups. If the Allies had been kinder to Germany, then World War 2 and the Holocaust would’ve never happened. The Treaty of Versailles, crafted by the United States and the Allied powers, was the reason why Jews were killed in Nazi Germany. America is to blame for the Holocaust!”

They might even also chime in by saying, “Hitler killed so many people because his critics really made him angry. If nobody criticized him, he would’ve been more benevolent.”

Wouldn’t all this be so idiotic that it could only be used for material in a farcical comedy skit?


Sadly, far-leftists actually do make these same arguments in defense of Islam. The religion of Islam is the most anti-liberal religion in the entire world, yet liberals are constantly defending any criticism of it. First, they’ll try to claim that Islam isn’t really bad. They’ll say, “Have you fully read the Qur’an in the original Arabic? Have you studied the full writings and teaching of Mohammad the Prophet? Have you gone to a Mosque and studied from an Imam? Islam is actually progressive!” If you respond by saying that you can fully understand the nature of Islam by seeing the actions it inspires, which includes by far the most amount of terrorism in the world – and Islamic nations, governed by Sharia Law, being the most draconian and least progressive nations on the face of the Earth, leftists will still say you don’t fully understand Islam. They’ll claim that the horrible things that go on in Islamic countries are the result of the actions of the United States and other western nations. They’ll blame the Iraq War. They blame the intervention in Syria. They’ll blame Israel. They’ll blame George W. Bush. They’ll blame Ronald Reagan. They’ll even blame Barack Obama. They’ll then try to encourage you to stop talking about Islam altogether.

The same arguments that liberals use to defend Islam are the exact same arguments a person could use to defend Nazism. You don’t have to read Mein Kampf to know how violent, racist and destructive Nazism was. Even if you’ve never listened to one speech by Adolf Hitler, you can still easily tell how bad Nazism is. Likewise, you don’t have to be an expert on Islamic literature to see how bad fundamental Islam is. You can see the horrible atrocities and human rights violations, inspired by Sharia Law, that go on in Islamic nations to know how bad it is. Anytime you hear a liberal defending Islam, imagine to yourself how easy it is to apply that same idiotic defense to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. The word “Islamophobia” has been cooked up by Social Marxists in a silly attempt to silence the critics of Islam. Shouting “Islamophobia” is just as silly as screaming “Naziophobia.”

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