The Foreign Influence of our Election – A Joke on the American People

| Opinion | July 12, 2019

by Rob Werner

Congress is still investigating Russian influence in Donald Trump’s election. It was demanded by Democrats who historically denied such influence. President Obama’s assertion that Russia had not been influencing the election changed after the election. The claim – Russians hacked their party’s computer and provided data to WikiLeaks for release to aid Trump.

Special Counsel Mueller didn’t discover evidence that proves this claim. The FBI did discover that Clinton’s personal computer with classified documents was hacked by the Chinese.

The Chinese make huge investments in influencing our country. They contribute via their surrogates to political campaigns and interest groups. They bought newspaper ads critical of Trump. They’ve spent millions to promote their propaganda at American universities. Maybe they did the hack?

Russia has a long history of influencing our nation and its elections. Senator Joseph McCarthy in the early 50’s claimed that our government included agents of the Soviet Union. Agents who influenced policies, public thought and elections.


Criminal prosecutions were commenced against several suspected agents and some were executed for theft of nuclear secrets. Many of the people who went before the House Un-American Activities Committee either denied they were Communists or took the 5th and claimed they were not answering be

cause this was harassment. Many people spoke up for the accused. The press turned against the hearings and the public concluded that Russian influence was overstated. The word, “McCarthyism” was invented with racist-like connotations putting an end to this investigation.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, records from its secret service, the KBG were acquired by a former agent who published the book, “Spies,” by Klehr, Haynes and Vassillev. Turns out, McCarthy underestimated the Communists. The KGB had agents in the State Department, our secret service and numerous other capacities. People who denied they were Communists or agents, were agents. Roosevelt’s primary adviser at Yalta was an agent. Even the primary person representing the U.S. at the creation of the U.N. was an agent.

The KGB also had several agents who were reporters. The book revealed several agents
who had not been discovered.

Even a congressman was an agent. At one point this agent served on an Un-American Activities Committee. The congressman served in the house until 1946 and then became a judge. Many of the KBG agents on leaving the government took teaching positions at colleges.

In a recent release of information from the Kennedy assassination, it was revealed that Oswald had met with the leaders of the American Communist party

including the founder of the American Civil Liberties Union. It was not clear if the party sanctioned the assassination. But the founding of the ACLU, clearly illustrates a means to influence America. It would be a stretch of the imagination to believe that the Soviet Union was interested in our civil liberties.

They were interested in class and racial warfare. Anyone paying attention to the suppression of free speech on campuses should know that the ACLU has a political agenda that does not support civil liberties.

So, what’s the joke in all this?

The joke is on the American people. The Democrats have changed the narrative from all the nastiness, dishonesty and ill deed perpetuated by them as released in WikiLeaks, to “What did Russia or Trump do?”

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