The Great Collusion Confusion Delusion

| Opinion | March 21, 2019

by Dale Paule

It’s been right there, under their noses all the time, while they’ve been wasting boatloads of time and tax-payer money using Robert Mueller as a Bloodhound; tracking rumor after rumor across political swamps around the world, hoping to find the slightest trace of a Russian footprint leading to that guy who works at, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC.

Two long years of it, with the stunning end result to date: zipity-doo-da!

But in spite of that, many still don’t believe it’s not there; they’re convinced it’s just around the next mango tree. If all you watched on TV was CNN, MSNBC, or most of the other mainstream echo chamber propaganda “news” networks, you’d probably think the same thing, too.

It was once the goal of American journalism to bore through the lies, deceit and cover-ups for the truth, then drag it out into the light for the public to see and judge for themselves.


Unfortunately, that concept is apparently no longer in vogue. It seems now to be a fad of the past, along with bell-bottom pants, Hula-Hoops and mood rings.

Today, many who enter “Journalist” as their occupation on their Tax form are simply megaphones for those who would lie and deceive the public for their own ends. Each night, these “journalists” look straight into the camera with a straight face, and with amazingly similar phrases “inform” the public about whatever version of the truth they’ve been handed by those who hide behind a curtain of anonymity!

Well now, every joke has its punch line, and the “collusion” joke that’s been played on us for the past two years has been a real doozy. But now, it’s our turn, because as it turns out, that guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue actually has been colluding—a lot. Only it wasn’t with the “Usual Suspects,” the Russians.

“But, if it’s not the Russians, or some other foreign player, then who?” you might ask.

Brace yourself; here’s where that punch line comes in; It’s us, “We the People!”
Now, ain’t that a real knee-slapper?

Unless I’ve got the wrong slant on what “Collusion” means, I believe a rough translation would work out to something like, “working together with a person or group to achieve a common goal.”

It seems to me, and a lot of others, the guy has been “Colluding” all over the place with “We the People;” colluding to bring jobs and companies back home and allowing free enterprise to drive the economy, instead of a room-full of anonymous bureaucrats in Washington continuing to apply their failed academia-spawned theories. All most Americans really want is the chance to run their own lives and not have their path blocked by those who have “other plans” for their country.

It would be great if this were one of those old Hollywood, feel-good, happy ending kind of movies, where it ends with the hero saving the country and the screen is filled with throngs of happy, smiling faces standing in front of a giant American flag streaming in the wind with button-busting pride, complete with the National Anthem playing in the background as the screen fades to black.

Unfortunately, this ain’t that movie. And even if it were only a movie, we wouldn’t know how it’s going to end yet, because we’re only in the middle of it. And sadly, there are many who are trying hard to insure it doesn’t have a happy ending.

We’re just going to have to wait a while longer before we can find out whether it ends with the American flag streaming victoriously across the screen, or a plain white one.

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