The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

| Opinion | June 14, 2018

by Betty Arenson

The hate for Donald Trump after winning the November 2016 election was vivid, but it’s safe to say that few would have foreseen how utterly deep and genuine that hate is 16 months into a presidency.

That election saved Steven Colbert’s late night show. He was on his way into the sewer drain when he started the nightly mock-Trump show. It is baffling to think that people can spend their time and attention on the same old mean muddle night after night after night. Hosting such a show takes a lot of hate-driven energy. But then for those who seek the spotlight, no matter how they get it, it’s their fuel.

In retrospect, the celebrated Women’s March of January 2017 remains a mystery for the rational being.

It was touted to be about “women’s rights” which was really code for the right for abortion on demand; as if it already isn’t occurring. Some acted like Roe vs. Wade had been abolished.


Other reasons for the march included “healthcare” (repeat-abortion), “reproductive rights” (aka abortion) then stretched to LGTBQ rights and racial equality. It was that “kitchen sink” theory.

The sound-good topics are just that because the fundamental reason for the march was the hate of Donald Trump. We learned that from Madonna who has dreams of “blowing up the white house” and Ashley Judd who insisted on taking the microphone and explicitly describing female body functions; the latter being both bizarre and nauseating.

As for Madonna, she is probably very experienced at blowing up stuff. She certainly can hold up an example of her own life for that.

Later we witnessed the alarming, sick act of the lackluster Kathy Griffin acting like an ISIS fighter, holding up a severed head of the president. She then wondered why people found it offensive.

There was more following that with females like Chelsea Handler, who is one of the most foul-mouthed women on the planet who brags about her abortions, but we’ll move on up to Samantha Bee.

Samantha Bee brought a vile word very nearly into everyday-familiar language. The word is so vulgar that most people who swear don’t even say it. Tragically the cat’s out of the bag because a C-minus rated (no pun intended) “comic” decided it would be crowd-pleasing to use it describing the First Daughter. There was nothing brave about that. The first family is the easy target, and because Leftist celebrities have all taken their shots, one must reach below the gutter to find a viler adjective.

Samantha Bee couldn’t work hard enough, pay enough or pray enough to obtain Ivanka Trump’s business sense, grace, elegance or beauty.

Lastly, for now, there is Robert De Niro and his standing ovation at the Tony Awards.

I’m unsure why this was even news; he’s done it before with a microphone. If one was to take the “F” word away from Robert De Niro, he would be mute.

Many think De Niro is some God. He is not. He has a skill that put him on-screen and with the right publicist became famous. He is not attractive, nor does he possess any degree of refinement. One thing he does hold is a big bank account.

A relative of mine, that I see often, was once employed by a well-known actress here in the Los Angeles area. She was on decent terms with her ex-husband “Jeff” who would be very well-known to anyone reading this. Jeff of course had a pocket of famous male actors (you can guess if it included De Niro), as friends who would gather at the actresses’ home and discuss their business dealings; a new restaurant here, another venture there, etc. They loved making money aside from their acting careers. As my relative always says, “When it comes to their money, they are all Republicans at heart.”

One can only imagine the fortunes they have gained with the prosperity under Trump in the past 16 months.

An ungrateful and un-American lot they are; the De Niros who benefit and heartily take while demeaning and mocking a factor that helped them.

The ingrates do, however, teach the rest of us a free lesson: a lesson on how not to be. All of that wealth and fame have given them a cushy lifestyle, but it came with a big price tag. Irrespective of all of the material gains, they remain devoid of clarity and every facet of decency.

But for the rabid few, in the scheme of things, everyday voters are tired of the 24/7 criticism especially when it’s laced with filth. Thus, the second lesson learned is that based on the many reactions of De Niro’s latest stunt, it appears it’s getting better and better for Trump’s re-election.

Imagine it being November 4, 2020 looking through the muck and thanking Samantha Bee, Robert De Niro and like-kind.

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