The Lamest Generation

| Opinion | May 4, 2018

by Richard Hood 

Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are misguided in viewing “social” justice (atheistic neo-communism’s view of justice) as actual justice, while seeing real justice as bad. Are you surprised? When it comes to real human suffering from real evils, SJWs seem to have zero concern or compassion. For the innocent, the crime victim, the defenseless baby? Nope. To them, hunting or being a Republican is bad, but innocent babies being killed in grotesque ways for body parts is not on their SJW/Antifa radar of outrage. No spark of intellect or feeling for the starving, the malnourished or the prisoners tortured worldwide for their faith. Yet parents think it’s prestigious rather than sick to send their kids to universities like Princeton, where faculty are honored for saying a baby isn’t a person with the right to life for a month “after” they are born.

At their own developmental stage, awareness of society’s deficits and their desire to make this a better world has to be channeled somewhere. They also desire significance. Their channelers – the media and education rackets, use all this energy for their own agenda. The channelers’ beliefs and actions testify of a mindset foretold in the same scriptures used to bring radically beneficial change in individuals, yet are repugnant to prideful professors and their Antifa minions, because they are a mirror showing our true state of moral ugliness.

These kids’ “God shaped hole” wasn’t attempted to be filled by being the reflections we parents are supposed to be, even though flawed and broken reflections. Parents are supposed to point the way to significance and direction via the fulfilling relationship with our eternal parent. A shattered reflection is better than none. While the attitudes and wrong definitions of SJWs make them hard to listen to, they have never been told God loves them, hears them, and is their real Father. SJWs are looking for personal significance, but significance is uncomplicatedly found in being a son or daughter of the eternal Father, period. Any other add-on is a false idol that derails and confuses. They have received nothing but confusion and the purposely twisted definitions and misteachings of their channelers.

So they fight the wrong fight, but at least are willing to fight. They know in their gut they were created for better things, for good works, and for blessing others. But they are not happy, because it isn’t working, isn’t going to work, and because they are not grateful for what they have been gifted.


Society is in part to blame. In India, children are stolen and maimed by criminal rackets, and sometimes even by their own parents so as to look more pitiful and make more money from begging – make life more convenient for their family. Who could do such a thing? Well, being fallen, we all could. We have become so afraid of being called “haters” by the haters of decency that we’ve allowed avowed America-haters to not only stay in, but advance, in publicly funded schools and the media – the channelers of our youth. All because the convenience and cost of public schools enhanced our own lifestyles, and we lack discernment and discipline in entertainment and media choices, not to mention educational ones. We have morally and mentally crippled this generation, whose attitude and choice of college majors may leave many of them begging, if not for rupees, then for direction and true significance.

These fascists with eugenicist roots, actually see themselves as anti-fascists, and are storm troopers of the left. They act like secular puritans who want to control every one of our actions, words and thoughts. But what they need are personal mentors – those willing to live and share their lives that are undeniably purposeful. But they’ll have to replace with the truth all the lies we paid for them to be taught.

For those who wish to see, who want to know what God has for them, there are great awakenings ahead. All things are possible to those who believe in the one who healed the lame, and can heal the lamest generation, so crippled by the previous generation’s inaction and lack of fight. SJWs desire to be used, and are screaming for attention. They have been trained to target “patriarchy.” The real reason is their channelers’ misguided hatred of the Patriarch – the Father. If we want to show them the way, we have to be willing to seek it, and walk it ourselves. We are all busy, all concerned with investing for our own and our kids’ earthly futures. Let me suggest we all invest some time thinking about this: Eternal investments are the only real ones.

Richard Hood is a retired teacher whose school union wanted to use his dues to war against his Judeo-Christian values. He succeeded in having his dues go to evangelical and pro-life charities of his own choosing. Contact Pacific Justice Institute to find out more.

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