The Logical Sense Party

| Opinion | January 31, 2019

by David R. Bright

First, I’d like compliment the Santa Clarita Gazette for being one of the few media outlets that prints real political news. Doug’s Rant and Stephen Smith are the most intellectually blessed columns.

I am a 62-year-old White male and I have lived in Los Angeles for my entire life. I have never considered myself to be a Republican, Democrat, left-leaning liberal or a right conservative. For what it is worth, I always considered all politicians to be equally looking out for their own best interest, not the people they are supposed to represent. With the most recent elections, I find myself agreeing with much of the conservative group, not because I suddenly feel like I need to associate with one party or the other, but because conservative views simply make “logical sense.” My party, if I declared one, would be the Logical Sense party.

First, my local California rants regarding the last November 6, 2018 election:

How in the blue blazes did the “repeal the Gas Tax” bill not get passed? Was it written as a trick question? Did our assumed “Yes” vote get counted as a “No” vote? Guess what? It was written as a trick question! Apparently, the California attorney general changed the title on the ballot right before printing. Instead of “Repeal of the added gas tax,” it was changed to “Eliminates Recently Enacted Road Repair and Transportation Funding by Repealing Revenues Dedicated For those purposes.” Well, we would like the roads to be repaired, so we voted “No.”


Why in the world would anybody vote for an added property tax based on the amount of rain water your property prevents from returning to the water table underground? This was touted as a “clean water” bill, right? How is taxing property owners for their home and driveway coverage supposed to clean the water?

California is one of the few states that allows “Ballot harvesting” (Signed into law by none other than Governor Jerry Brown). This is where someone shows up at your door and volunteers to deposit your absentee ballot for you at a voting place. This saves you the hassle of mailing the ballot in. Apparently, during the 2018 November election, Democrat volunteers collected hundreds of ballots for deposit. Sounds so innocent, right? I am sure that the Republican votes were deposited also.

Another story just surfaced. California was found to have 1.5 million INACTIVE voters still registered. By federal law, states are supposed to clean the books. Inactive voters are registered voters who are eligible to vote; however, they do not receive election-related mail, such as sample ballots and vote-by-mail ballots. Los Angeles County has the highest list of inactive voters compared to any county in the United States. California has not removed these inactive voters for over 20 years. Judicial Watch has sued, and California is now required to remove them. Could inactive voters be voting without their consent?

Next, my rant on the national level:

President Donald Trump was elected because most people in the United States had enough of the same old rhetoric, in addition to the continuation of political selfishness at the expense of the American people. Donald Trump was and is the perfect candidate for the office of the presidency. He does not come from the political nursery that prevails in this country. He has proven that the agenda of the American people should come first, and I truly believe under his leadership America will be great again.

As for Southern border security, build the barrier! Plain and simple. A concrete wall looks great, but Border Patrol Agents prefer the six-foot deep concrete foundation and steel tubing barrier because they can see what is going on the other side. There we go again with that common sense. Flying drones, motion sensors and night vision infrared cameras are a great compliment to the wall. The coyotes are not as stupid as Nancy Pelosi wants us to believe. Diversionary tactics are commonplace (i.e., create a diversion somewhere along the fence that attracts the U.S. Border agents and send large groups through another unprotected area at the same time). Yes, Nancy Pelosi, we know they will continue to dig, climb and smuggle into the U.S.A. But, a good strong barrier will allow the border agent to spend more time monitoring the high tech devices and catch them before they disappear into society. I don’t blame them for wanting to find a better life; I would, too, but infiltrating our country illegally needs to be stopped.

Why is California a sanctuary state? I mean, really? Maybe that is what is attracting the immigrants! In meantime, the state is taxing the hell out of California citizens in order to pay for illegal immigrant care. The state of California, and all states for that matter, should be sanctuaries for the citizens of this country! The real Californians, the hardworking citizens that are paying into the system, should not see their tax dollars wasted on support for people who have broken the laws of this country.

Build the wall, use emergency funding and pay for it later – like all government projects. Stop the flow into the U.S.A, then clean up the mess inside.

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  1. That makes sense. I will join your party!

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