The Morning After

| Opinion | April 25, 2019

by Dale Paule

Who among us hasn’t made a decision that they came to regret?

Fortunately, it’s usually just small stuff; irritating, but no harm done. By morning, you’ve forgotten all about it.

Small stuff, like choosing unwisely from a restaurant menu, then paying for it with a bad case of heartburn, or worse. Or maybe it’s laying out 30 bucks for one of those “must-read” best-seller mystery novels, and before you’re halfway through the first chapter, it becomes obvious that the damned butler did it!

If you are of the species “Homo sapien,” you’ve probably suffered the consequences of a bad decision or two.


“Just part of that adventure called, ‘life,’ ” they say. “Nothing to worry about!”

But there’s another kind of bad decision – one that comes with a high price, and can do serious and permanent harm.

I’m talking about the decisions we make when we elect politicians which we know very little about, but grant them the authority to control our way of life. Would you have the same excitement and enthusiasm about choosing that politician if you could see into the future and compare their lofty promises with actual results?

What if we’d been able to look ahead a few decades ago, when we elected a president who proclaimed to “wage war on poverty,” but ended up creating a segment of society dependent solely upon the perpetual flow of government money just to exist? It took no more than a generation for dependency to become a way of life for so many.

And how about those politicians who claimed we had a “moral obligation” to send our military (armed with bales of U.S. dollars) to free the oppressed people of (insert name of country here) so they may build a democratic system of government, and in turn, become an ally of the U.S.?! What a stirring speech; you could almost hear the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background.

What if we’d been able to jump in the old time machine and see the pitiful end result of all those “good intentions?” Would we find a free, happy democratic nation filled with gratitude for the U.S. coming to its rescue?

Well, we don’t need a time machine to find that answer, because it’s right there, staring us in the face, every night on our TV, with pictures of those freedom-loving folks burning our flag and chanting, “Death to America,” while spending those bales of U.S. dollars on weapons aimed at the good old USA. Where’s that Star Spangled Banner when you need it?

The good news is that we have until November of 2020 to do our homework and re-examine the end results of those tired old promises made by politicians we’ve been hearing from way back, when they were first bellowed from a tree-stump, to now, as they’re bellowed in stereo from our TV screens.

Maybe it’s time to consider your choice of politician a little while longer before putting that “X” next to their name, then ask yourself, “What would this politician, who wants the authority to control my future, do differently?”

It all comes down to a simple, basic rule; never make a hasty decision that may allow another person to set boundaries on your future, because every decision is followed by a morning after!

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