The Only Thing Missing is the Laugh Track

| Opinion | November 28, 2019

by Dale Paule

As I watched the last couple Democratic debates, with candidates trying to out-bellow each other with their bigger and better version of can-you-top-this giveaways they promise to enact when they become president of the United States, I had the impression I was watching a rerun of an old sitcom, but without the laugh track.

You’ve got one character after another trying to outdo the other with ridiculous promises of mountains of free stuff that he or she, or whatever, will deliver to “we the people,” “for the people,” and — whoops, here’s where the microphone suddenly goes silent — “paid for by the people.” “Hello, is this thing on?”

But, instead of a laugh track at the end of each such proclamation, those in the audience, who are not allowed to applaud during the debate, instead show their glee by smiling and nodding their silent cheers and applause in a display of coordination that would make an Olympic synchronized swim team look clumsy. It makes you wonder if they were given a glass or two of free Kool-Aid prior to the debate.

It would simply be hilarious entertainment as a “Saturday Night Live” skit, were it intentionally meant to be funny. But it’s obviously not, so these Democratic comedians are either the most gifted clowns in the world or have partaken of a glass or two out of that same punch bowl as their audience. Could it be possible that they really do believe these fictitious promises that come out of their own mouths about all that free stuff? Or, could it be that they are fully aware that it’s really all just BS?


I think the odds are heavily in favor of, “Hell no, they don’t believe a word of it!”

Oh wait, there’s one exception to that, and it’s our look-alike, goofy professor from “Back to the Future,” our own lovable old Crazy Bernie. Because there’s no doubt he really does believe it! Maybe he brought the Kool-Aid to the party?

Well, be that as it may, whatever their actual true, personal motives and thoughts are, we’ll never know. That is, God forbid, unless one of them should actually fool enough voters to get a four-year lease, with option, on the Oval Office, followed by Kool-Aid soon becoming mandatory for everyone!

But, it’s a long, long way to Tipperary, and an even longer way politically to November of 2020, when the real fun will begin, as the winning Democratic candidate is eventually chosen to square off with President Trump for a totally different series of debates, where, not only applauding is forbidden, but Kool-Aid as well!

The image of a log being fed into the teeth of a giant, screaming saw blade springs to mind!

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