The Passion of Kyle Kulinski

| Opinion | January 9, 2020

by Eric Goldin

For a very long time, American political discourse from mainstream media outlets has been devoid of substantive discussion about policy and has instead been filled with unfulfilling platitudes and obnoxious tabloid drama. Many political commentators will spend an inordinate about of time analyzing how charismatic, groomed or “electable” a certain candidate for office is, but they’ll completely neglect scrutinizing their actual policy positions. These hosts have done a disservice to the public because they haven’t been informing us about the specific details of the laws and actions our governing body is trying to enact. While the vast majority of pundits don’t want to delve into deep commentary about vital subjects, there are principled and knowledgeable people out there who are willing to go much farther beyond the surface. One of them is Kyle Kulinski.

In a previous article, I wrote some harsh and immature things about Kulinski. I want to apologize to him and give a truthful explanation about who he is, what his beliefs are, and what he has accomplished during his career.

Despite having conservative family members, Kulinski had a desire to make up his own mind and come to his own conclusions. While attending Iona College, he majored in political science, graduating in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree. During his college days, he started the YouTube channel called “Secular Talk,” where he would give his analysis of the political landscape in America. In the early days of his YouTube career, he would upload videos sporadically while he juggled attending his college classes along with his other responsibilities. In 2012, Kulinski completely dedicated himself to “Secular Talk” and made it his full-time profession. With the growth of his channel, Kulinski was able to add better production value to the show while still maintaining its independent charm. He spends a lot of time studying all the major issues so he can give a complete breakdown of everything for his audience. Kyle is very intelligent and he can dissect political policy in a very smart manner that is easy to understand. “Secular Talk” has grown immensely popular over the past decade, currently reaching over 750,000 subscribers.

Kulinski is a proud progressive liberal and he makes it clear that his show leans very heavily to the left. Kyle strongly advocates for things like a living wage, protecting Social Security, free college, getting rid of big corporate PAC money in politics, along with a plethora of other things. He doesn’t believe there’s necessarily anything wrong with having strong political positions that favor one side, as long as you explain your reasoning through specific policy details and are honest about your positions. He has been very critical of centrist political thinkers because he feels that being neutral on every issue is a fallacy. This is why Kulinski despises moderate Democrats. He has stated that moderate Democrats don’t actually care about making progress, but instead only want to advance their own political careers.
Fixing America’s healthcare system is the issue that he is the most outspoken about. Kulinski is a vehement supporter of single-payer universal healthcare. He has described the current healthcare system as a group of competing “mafias” who steal your money and don’t actually provide people good service. He wants to use his voice and influence to help fix this broken system. The fact that millions of Americans are uninsured or are greatly struggling financially because of their healthcare bills is an injustice that he desperately wants to see corrected.


Kulinski was one of the founding members of the Justice Democrats. After Donald Trump was victorious in 2016, it inspired him to take more assertive action to help liberals and progressives get through to the American people. He believed the “complacency” and “milquetoast” policies of moderate Democrats allowed Trump to swoop in and become president of the United States. He was tired of waiting for center-left liberals to do something and he helped form a group that would be a lot more aggressive in pushing the progressive agenda. In the 2018 midterms, 26 Justice Democrats won their primaries; seven of them won in the general election.

One of Kulinski’s greatest attributes is his willingness to vocally disagree on certain issues with people who share the same overall political paradigm he does. For example, he and fellow progressive Cenk Uygur strongly disagreed on the Russia-gate scandal. Uygur felt that Donald Trump colluded with Russian leaders to steal the 2016 presidential election and he believed there was enough evidence against him to make it worth going through with a full investigation. Kulinski said that even though he suspects Trump was involved in shady dealings with the Russian government, the actual tangible evidence against him was flimsy, and an investigation would only cause the leaders of Russia (especially Vladimir Putin) to perceive it as an act of aggression from the United States. The two of them had a healthy, hour-long debate about it and posted it on YouTube.

Kulinski’s style might rub people the wrong way initially. His presentation is very different from that of a mainstream broadcaster. Many hosts will put on a faux “professional” speaking voice and meander around the issues. Kulinski is brash and in-your-face. By his own admission, he swears like a sailor and he doesn’t resort to obfuscation with flowery, fancy language. He boldly speaks his mind and doesn’t care if people find him uncouth. He won’t give wishy-washy answers that try to appease everybody. He fearlessly says what he believes is right — while giving facts, statistics, data and research to back up his points. Some people might be completely turned away by his unrefined approach, but if you can look past his rough exterior, you will see an extremely passionate and bright young man who deeply cares about the biggest issues facing America and the world. “Secular Talk” is definitely worth watching, even if you highly disagree with Kulinski’s conclusions.

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