The President Declares War on Coronavirus

| Opinion | March 19, 2020

by Rob Werner

In WWII we lost 291,000 soldiers.  Half the population infected, with one percent casualties will end  1,650,000 lives.  We are at war!  The financial devastation will be worse than WWII bombings, exceeding one trillion dollars. An anonymous person identified as a Chinese Communist Party dissident revealed that he has seen documentation showing the Party knew of the disease 45 days prior to previous reports. This is not proof as he is anonymous to save his life. Given such advance notice, the virus could have been halted in China.  We must not forgive China.

The President’s engaged in a balancing act of preparing for and preventing the spread of the disease, while promoting and preserving the economy.  Entertainment, social gatherings, schools, government agencies and even the local pub are now in shut down mode.

Yet, Illegal border crossings are still a problem.  Thirty thousand illegals are caught monthly: including over three hundred Chinese this year. Homeland Security believes porous border may spread Coronavirus.

Trump’s banning transportation from infected countries got opposition but did delay disease transmission.  Maybe there’s a game plan – delay the spread of the disease.  It’s reported the virus doesn’t do well in warm climates and may recede or disappear by summer.  Also, delay will give us more time to prepare for the battles.


Trump has suspended many regulations to speed production and delivery of care, material and equipment needed to fight this war.  He has enlisted the help of government departments and mended fences with the Governor’s of New York and California to provide a united front in battling the disease.

The President first proposed legislation to fight the disease.  Congress delayed it, adding billions to restore welfare benefits.  Understanding urgency, the President signed the bill.

The President knows that if we don’t shore up the economy, we will suffer a long-term economic disaster. Politics is nasty.  Opponents’ mantra is “destroy the economy – defeat Trump.”  An elected Democrat even advocated intentionally spreading the disease among Republicans.  However, there is bi-partisan cooperation in this war.

If industries engaged in travel, entertainment and recreation go bankrupt, the devastating effect will percolate throughout the economy.  Remember the 2008 housing crash led to the great recession.

Should we trust Trump?   Can we pass his legislative agenda without adding new welfare and permanent government programs?

Trump doesn’t want to wait for the disaster and then offer welfare.  He wants to shore up businesses and employees now.

You may not like Trump, but recognize he knows how to manage business. He’s not in government for the money – he donates his salary.  He understands the marketplace.  He will fire people who don’t get the job done.  He’s efficient, even his White House budget is twenty million dollars less than Obama’s.

Remember when Trump took office and didn’t like the bill for a new Airforce One.  He convinced the company to provide two jets for the price.  He revised taxes achieving billions in new investments.  He improved our trade deals and got NATO nations to pay military expenses.  We prosper while other nations are in recession.

Trump believes with the right immediate action; economic problems can be short term.  These proposals are not conservative, they are a businessman’s pragmatic approach to avoid making a temporary problem a permanent disaster.

Our choice is a temporary shoring up of the economy now or innumerable new welfare programs later.  Let Trump do his job!



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