The Stupidity Flu

| Opinion | January 10, 2019

by William Tozzi

A brand new virus is going around
An illness that’s really true
It’s not just my imagination
It’s called the Stupidity Flu

There’s no doubt about it
It’s making its debut
You’ll hear all about it here
Beware of the Stupidity Flu

All over Washington, D. C.
It’s affecting quite a few
The Senate and the House
Are infected with the Stupidly Flu

The lawmakers shirk their duty
Of passing legislation through
Could that reason possibly be
The malicious Stupidly Flu


I can’t believe the words they say
Nor the many things they do
I’m sure they’re under the influence
Of the horrible Stupidity Flu

Will they succeed in pulling apart
This great country we once knew
I hope it will never happen
Due the grip of the Stupidy Flu

The media and the journalists
Make statements that are untrue
They probably became tainted
By the strong Stupidity Flu

The radicals among us
March in lockstep right on cue
They’ve certainly been infected by
The illogical Stupidity Flu

All of the haters in this country
Have become a lot more cuckoo
Since they were contaminated by
The dreadful Stupidity Flu

It doesn’t have a remedy
And research is overdue
If you’re not extremely careful
You’ll develop the Stupidly Flu

Its presence remains undetectable
Its diagnosis you’ll misconstrue
You won’t know you’re a victim of
The sneaky Stupidity Flu

My tongue-in-cheek analysis
Is just my point of view
I hope you’ll never come down with
This strange Stupidity Flu

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