The War on Men

| Opinion | May 30, 2019

by L. Rob Werner

There is a constant advocacy to empower women and eliminate abuse and discrimination suffered by them from a male-dominated society. However, in the last 50 years, there has been a war against men. Like a political opponent, men are negatively portrayed. The goal: expand women’s rights and powers, diminish male dominance and feminize male behavior.

Men have lost every battle because they refuse to fight women. Married men will tell you, “happy wife – happy life.” On the occasion that they do fight, men always loose one way or another.

Guys’ book covers portraying scantily clad women are offensive. Gals’ books similarly portraying men are now okay.

Movies and television portray boys as dumb and women as superior. Women can beat up men. Men are potential rapists. The truth is that innately, men are protectors of women.


Traditionally, men walk on the street side of the sidewalk. When confronted with danger, the man steps in front of the woman. Without being taught, men may feel uncomfortable if not on the street side protecting a lady from splashes or vehicles. Think about your life, how do you behave?

Feminists appear schizophrenic in their advocacy. They want female police and soldiers, but want men to come to their rescue. They want independence, except when something goes wrong. They want equal rights and opportunities, except when they get more benefits from traditional roles. When a ship is sinking, the call is “Women and children first.”

Have you ever heard this protested, or someone advocating, “Men and old people first”?

Men’s clubs are no longer men’s clubs, but women’s clubs are women’s clubs. The Boy Scouts is now the Boys and Girl Scouts, while the Girl Scouts is still for girls.

Women are given positions over better qualified men to achieve an “equality” quota. But there are no “equality” quotas for men.

Men are physically better and more interested in sports. In the ‘70s, the government passed Title IX. The law reallocated school sports funding equally, cutting funds for male programs and athletes and shifting funding to women.

High school boys performed better at math, but girls had better verbal skills. So, a new math was developed based on verbal skills. Algebra transitioned from symbols and computations to verbal definitions. The result? Boys who had deficient verbal skills could no longer perform well on the subject. Today, girls outnumber boys in math A.P. classes and get better grades, but boys still perform better on the math college admissions tests.

Alleged discrimination against women attending college has resulted in women dominating colleges. Women receive two-thirds of master’s degrees, 75 percent of professional degrees and 80 percent of doctorate degrees. They receive four times as many scholarships. How many times have you heard people complaining about these facts?

Every day there is new advocacy that would result in harming men. Some advocates go so far as to claim that men’s natures need to be changed to be more like women. Maybe this movement will be successful. Do you think women will like men more when they act like women?

Things need to be done to help men survive. So, I leave you with this call:

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