‘This is Not a Job Interview. This is Hell!’ – Lindsey Graham

| Opinion | October 4, 2018

by Stephen Smith

“This is hell!” as exclaimed by Senator Lindsey Graham, was perhaps the only true moment of clarity in our source of national shame, “The Theatre of the Absurd” presentation of the Confirmation Hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh as our next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26, proclaimed Senator Kennedy lending more Biblical and apocalyptic import to the proceedings, perhaps not without just cause.

Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, including our own Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, ought to be down on their knees praying for forgiveness. If there is a good and just God, they will be forced to live out eternity in the hearing room Hell trying to make restitution to Professor Christine Ford, her family, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, his wife, his children and the people of the United States.

For Senator Hirono, it may have been Emma-O. For others it may have been Abaddon, Apolloyn, Asmodeus, Balaam, Beelzebub, Coyote, Mammon, Set, Mephistopheles, Satan, Devil or Old Scratch. Screwtape and his fellow demons were unleashed to whisper their dark thoughts to encourage damaged souls to sacrifice themselves on the altar of political correctness in the name of fighting evil. (Try reading “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis.) No matter the name, a dark force has reached inside our elected progressives and turned their brains and values inside out and left their souls in shreds. For some, they feel justified in their transgressions. Senator Flake made his Faustian deal with Mephistopheles and like Faust, did not understand that you can never make a deal with the devil and have things turn out well for you. The religion of the progressive has declared our traditional western civilization values not just wrong, but evil. With this basic grounding, they feel justified in doing evil to destroy a believer in our traditional values with full acceptance of the collateral damage of accuser Christine Ford, Justice Kavanaugh and his family. For others, its blatant reach for power and truth has no relevance. The rest are, as Communist dictators Lenin, and Stalin identified, useful idiots.
Let’s once again review the statements by accuser Christine. 36 (not sure) years ago, a then 15-year-old Ms. Ford on a day, month and year she did not remember, at a town or home she did not remember, tells of being at a party where people had been drinking – herself as well. She testified that she went upstairs and was followed by Kavanaugh and his friend. She was pushed into the bedroom by one or both, (not sure) and Kavanaugh jumped on top of her and she was jostled around and pawed at. She was able to jump off the bed and run to the bathroom, the high school boys laughed and left the room. She was fearful that she was going to be raped. No clothing was removed, she did not report injury or bruises and no rape occurred. She did not remember how she got home. All the people she identified as being there including her best friend have no memory of any similar event or party. She made no contemporaneous reports of the event to friends, family, authorities or journal.


Kavanaugh and his friend under penalty of felony have stated that nothing like this ever happened. Without supporting evidence, the Democrats declared this to be compelling and proof of Kavanaugh’s guilt. This rush to judgment was in direct conflict with all our traditions and laws regarding the search for truth. With an unsubstantiated accusation Justice Kavanaugh was proclaimed to be a rapist (she did not even charge rape) or an attempted rapist (more proof of the progressive’s disdain for rule of law and the Constitution). They failed to heed the warnings by James Madison in Federalist 51 of being a nation ruled by men and not laws. USA Today has declared that he should cease the activity that he most loves in the world, coaching and tutoring children. After weeks of brutal and unfair attacks, where his character, integrity, ability to perform his job were challenged, Justice Brett Kavanaugh retaliated in his opening statement before the Judiciary committee. Righteous indignation and a strong defense against the unwarranted accusations and challenging the progressives’ motives, now is being proclaimed as proof of his unworthiness for office. Not hearing the assertion of a hurting and troubled Professor Ford in closed session was a great disservice to her and the country. That too was an act of evil.

Before you scoff, I ask you to think about this. If they only disagreed with Justice Kavanaugh’s judicial temperament and legal decisions, after making their legal arguments, they would only have needed to vote no. Instead they went on a campaign of personal destruction. They spread fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). They lied. They fostered anger and rage. They encouraged disruptive dissent. They orchestrated the public release of questionable and scandalous accusations with no corroborating evidence, timed to delay and have maximum effect. They bristled with indignation when light was shined on their wickedness. These are not the actions of Legislators, who are in good faith, trying to provide well considered advise and consent as directed by the Constitution. These are the actions of legislators who need to be fired come their next election!

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  1. The TRUTH is what you have written. Lies and opinion have become the new truth. I am sick of it.

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