Trump, Lincoln, and the Second Civil War

| Opinion | August 9, 2018

by Richard Hood

The War Between the States, the War of Secession, the War of Rebellion, the Civil War – all names for America’s bloodiest conflict. The South’s slavery, was an issue of compromise for political unity during our founding. The Republican Party, founded to fight the Democratic Party’s support of slavery, today allow themselves to be lobbied into exploiting illegal and cheap labor for greater profits, while the Democrats exploit their own plantation mentality in order to exist.

Our Founders said our Constitution is suitable only for a moral and religious people. It was a religious minority that kept abolition’s fires burning, while Southern states worked to expand slavery and its power. Their economics contaminated their religious beliefs, with ministers justifying the evil of slavery by equating it with indentured servanthood found in their Bible, illustrating human propensity to do anything in an attempt to protect what it really trusts in, including replacing a relational God with a non-relational (and unaccountable) religious system. Anything can become an idol.

Then, it was North vs. South. Today, Middle America is mocked by those representing urban enclaves on both coasts, while rural Americans considered as deplorables by the left, ironically live closer to the nature idolized by the left. The Missouri Compromise, which was designed to keep a balance of political power between the regions, didn’t work, as political bandages won’t cleanse infectious wounds, and policies will not contain rebellious attitudes.

For the South, Lincoln’s election was the last straw. Contemplate Trump’s election. Lincoln too was despised and the entire South were “never Lincolners.” He was labeled a tyrant, an ignoramus, an embarrassment and baboon who must be stopped. Voter fraud? Lincoln’s name wasn’t even listed on some ballots in the South. If Republican Trump is no Republican Lincoln, neither is he the Democrat Jefferson Davis, President of the slavery-promoting Confederacy.


Secession! Resistance! Marches! All because Lincoln’s Democratic opponent lost. So did Trump’s, so now there’s more marches, resistance and calls for secession. The South didn’t accept, and the left doesn’t either, our American system when it can’t have its way.

Perhaps the North should have kicked the South out, tough love style, ending household discord caused by rebelliousness. We could welcome our own ungrateful (therefore unhappy) prodigals back into the family if they desired, even killing the fatted calf. We could call it the Second Reconstruction, but they’d need deconstruction of faulty belief systems and rebuilding on a true foundation. In the meantime, the left threatens to run away from a home it despises to some socialist paradise but then chickens out. Compare that with the conviction of the Pilgrims, who exchanged everything and everyone they had known for a howling wilderness because of their faithfulness.

Both sides were wrong, and neither side has ever confessed and asked forgiveness – the South for building their culture around the evil of enslaving God’s children made in His image, and the North for forcing the South to be part of a Union it never would have joined had it the least suspicion it couldn’t leave, and which is still waiting to be shown where in the contract it says they couldn’t.

Jane Austen wrote “convention is not morality,” and neither is legality. Slavery was once legal. “God won’t be mocked” about His own children. Abortion, now legal, was considered both immoral and illegal for most of our history. Yes times change, but no, morality doesn’t. Rather, acceptance or rejection of eternal morality changes as it is a choice – individual and societal, like individual bricks in a protective wall. Ethic’s yardstick, if not immovably embedded, removes any objective scale by which to measure right and wrong whether by Lincoln haters and supporters, or Trump haters and supporters. Even slavery wouldn’t be judgeable.

As rebellion increases, so will more laws, and therefore resentments as in our first Civil War, also known as the “Brothers War.” Today, brothers on the left also reject and turn against family members, abandoning natural affections due to politics, with Trump instead of Lincoln serving as the linchpin.

Lincoln, called on the “better angels” of our nature. A third of heaven’s angels fell by choosing to rebel. Moses preached the inescapable choice of blessings or curses, based on whom we serve. George Washington called religion and morality indispensable supports of political prosperity, claiming it unpatriotic to subvert those great pillars. Lincoln called America the “last best hope of earth,” but also warned “A house divided cannot stand.” Lincoln was quoting the Jewish rabbi Jesus, who preached the true patriarchy of his Father.

Hegel said what we learn from history is that we don’t. There are always consequences for denying reality. Nature’s laws don’t change for our convenience, as neither does He whom the Founders called nature’s God. “Human nature” hasn’t changed either, yet we know individuals whose hearts have been miraculously transformed. Reconciliation awaits our own prodigals, who’ve no idea how good we’ve got it, or what it cost in lost limbs, sorrow and death to protect. Both side’s real enemy is the father of lies who comes to rob, kill and destroy. Yet there remains faith, hope and love. The first Brothers War was our country’s biggest disaster because we chose “my will” rather than “thy will” be done. If this second heats up, it will be for the same reason.

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