“Truth or Consequences”

| Opinion | September 26, 2019

by Dale Paule

I can’t say I blame many of the younger generation too much for being confused and skeptical about exactly what America stands for.

If I were somewhere under the age of 30 my head would also be filled with question marks concerning the difference between what the current generation is being told about equal justice in America by us, the older generation, and what they’re actually watching take place on a regular basis.

We assure them there is no separate system of “justice” reserved for any “special” group among us, and a separate one for the rest of us.

But how do we show them they are wrong, when they see examples proving just the opposite of it as they watch black-hooded thugs called “Antifa,” committing acts of violence on our streets and on our campuses that would normally call for immediate arrests and probably jail for some? And when it’s over, the thugs just fade away, free to plan their next terrorist act. Are they some “special” group ?


We watch as a candidate for the highest office in the land laughingly flaunts the law by deleting and destroying thirty-thousand emails as Federal Authorities demand they be handed over as possible evidence of collaboration with a foreign agent to provide false documents to use against the candidate’s opponent.

Result? So far, no consequence for this “special” person either!

Then, to our further dismay, we find that leaders of one of our most revered, respected and trusted guardians of truth, the Federal Bureau of Investigation are major contributor to the effort to “correct” the error “we the people” have committed by electing the “wrong” President! They must be very “special!”

The list goes on and on, and there’s no need, or room, to list all the names and agencies suspected or proven to be corrupt; most of us have certainly seen and heard enough to have formulated our opinion by now and don’t need to slog through it all over again to be convinced.

It seemed a lot easier when I was growing up, to grasp the concept of right and wrong, and even more important, the consequences for ignoring it.

These consequences were accepted as the logical result of lying, or breaking a law; no matter if you were rich or poor; as they put it; “Lady Justice is blind.”

If you are old enough, you may recall an old radio program, which later evolved into a popular television program, called, “Truth or Consequences.”

The theme was simple and straight-forward; the host would ask the contestant a rather personal question, and if their answer was less than truthful, they were dealt a “consequence” which was intended to embarrass them in front of an applauding audience. It was all done in good humor and played for laughs for sure, but there was never any doubt that everyone watching understood the basic concept of, “tell the truth, or pay the consequence!”

That’s how it is with people; with a country, it’s laws are its truth.

I can’t imagine such a show making it on television today. But if it did, I suspect the title would have to be changed to; “Truth or Consequences—or not!”

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