Two-Party System

| Opinion | September 5, 2019

When people hear this term, they automatically assume it refers to the Democrat/Republican system of representation here in the United States. In reality, it applies to every society in the world. It applies because basically, there are only two parties guiding any society; one of adults, and the other of children.

When a society is run by the adults, using laws gained through experience to guide it’s population, then you have a more united, creative and advanced society, benefiting those who abide by the rule of law and historic experience. On the other hand, when that society is run by children, you get a result not dissimilar to that of mischievous child left alone at home while their parents are away for the evening.

Left to their own immature instincts, children will inevitably ignore rules, and care only for those things that taste or feel good, but are forbidden, or at least limited. They will cry for all the ice-cream they can get a spoon into, and forego the adult rules such as, naps, courtesy and “don’t play with matches!”

As sure as a dropped slice of bread will land butter-side down, those little tummies will soon pay the price for their “freedom from silly old rules!” Crying and tears will quickly follow. Children being children of course can’t admit their aching tummy is the consequence of their bad judgment, but instead, will blame adults for leaving too much ice-cream around.

Beginning to sound familiar? Could it be possible something like that is happening in our very own government? If you answered “yes,” you may award yourself with an “A!”


Many clamor to offer their opinion on when this trend began, but they’re missing the more important point which is, not when it began, but when will it end! If, on the one hand, you think the children will suddenly realize their mistake and decide to abide by the adult’s rule of law, then you may take back your “A” and replace it with an “F!” Make that a capital “F!”

Those who believe that will happen should also never be left alone with matches, because these children are children only in terms of their level of mental maturity, this has nothing to do with their physical age, because they are all in fact, “old enough to know better!”
The chilling fact is, wherever a society is governed by the children within it, the result will always be the same: catastrophe! You need only look to numerous and obvious examples around the world for proof. And it’s not only happening “over there.”

Unless they never get past the cartoon section of their newspaper, or don’t watch TV, far too many people don’t seem to know, or perhaps even care, about the damage being done right under their noses by these children. It’s one thing when actual children create a little mess when their parents are away for the evening, but a much more serious story is when it’s the “old enough to know better” bunch, like the so-called “Squad” for instance, who openly and purposely attempt to “transform” our country into something totally foreign to our way of life and unique culture. Much of which would be irreversible.

We have only one chance at turning things around before it’s too late. That’s if–and it’s a big fat IF– we hear the parents’ car pulling into the driveway, coming home to take back “We the Peoples” house in Washington! Until then, hide the matches!

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