Wanted: Men to Change the World

| Opinion | February 7, 2019

by Richard Hood

The greatest need the world has is for you to be a man.

This is not an easy thing to learn, and must be taught.
You must put away childish attitudes, and learn to do the right thing.

You must choose who will be your teacher, your mentor, your counselor, your friend,
your father figure.

Let others follow the crowd, or sports heroes and music idols. They have nothing to say and nothing to offer.


They are in court, rehab, and trashy tabloids. Your life was not designed to be a soap opera; don’t fill it with such things.

You will be known for what you allow inside.

Don’t believe losing is winning, that notoriety equals accomplishment.
Follow the wrong people and not only will you be lost, you will lead others astray.
Don’t be a stumbling block. Don’t be in the way.

Learn the way. Show the way. Be the way.

Do you desire what is right and true more than you desire the approval of others?

Do you desire avoiding scorn and ridicule more than you desire being a man?

Who can stand up, stand against, stand for? Who can see his own need and ask for help?
Who can stand between his ego and the reality of universal insufficiency and cry out,
praying for guidance no man has in himself?

Carver can.
Washington can.
Wilberforce can.
Lincoln can.
Sitting Bull can.
Churchill can.
Gandhi can.
Patton can.
King can.

John Paul II can.
Reagan can.

The man in front of the tank in Tienanmen Square can.
Men on United Flight 93 can.
Untold multitudes of men unknown but to their families can.

A man can. Any man can. You can.
Yes, you can.

The size of your battlefield means nothing. Your personal mission is everything.
Become the man you were created to be. Seize your destiny, secure your birthright.
Train for your mission and accomplish it. It’s not only your own life that depends on it.
Don’t just be a male. Be a man.

Richard Hood is a retired history teacher.

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