“We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us”

| Opinion | August 1, 2019

Listening to the Democrat responses to the recent testimony by Special Investigator Mueller regarding his report on Russian collusion in the last Presidential election, I was left dumbfounded. I confess that I do not have a law degree and believe that our legal system holds that all of us are innocent until proven guilty by the prosecution. It is not a burden to prove someone innocent. Hearing Democrats insisting that the President was not proven innocent shows that this investigation and hearings were an act of extreme political partisanship, and not an effort to protect and defend the Constitution.

Let’s look at a few of the facts:

Trump supporters who were prosecuted were done so for acts not relevant to the investigation, or were victims of perjury traps.

Evidence in the report stated that no Americans were involved in collusion with the Russians. The report did not look at the apparent collusion with the Russians by Hillary’s campaign.

Mueller stated that he was not obstructed at anytime during his investigation. He was not threatened or fired.


The attacks on the President are based on musings he had between his attorneys and advisers who recommended he should not take those actions. Guess what? He did not take those actions on advice from his attorneys.

He supplied every document to the investigators that they requested. He wisely did not give an interview with the investigators because of their use of perjury traps. He did give written testimony.

Based on his testimony and apparent lack of knowledge, it may be likely that the report and principle investigation was done by someone other than Mueller. Evidence suggests that the fix was in, and it inspired this horrific political act. Yet the Dems press on, proving my point. Precursor investigations are underway. I wonder what the Democrats will be saying after the fraudulent acts by the “Deep State” are finally exposed. What will Representative Nadler and Schiff do when the real collusion evidence points to an ex-President and ex-Secretary of State whom they admire? Since this has been an act of cynical political bias the answer likely will be NOTHING!

I wrote the following, for another purpose. Since my writing, various members of the “Squad” have declared white men to be the terrorist, made multiple remarks and recommendations that are racist and anti-Semitic and have made sophomoric remarks about the protests in Puerto Rico that would make Marx and Che proud. Nancy Pelosi has declared solidarity with these valued members of the Democrat family.

Reflecting on the recent press conference by the squad of four, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib; they appeared to be passionate in their rage, sincere in their beliefs, extremely self-assured, rejoicing in their lust for power, profoundly ignorant and seemingly unaware that theirs is the historic voice and intolerance of tyrants and fascists. Their arguments reek of projection and were full of lies and half-truths. Their beliefs reflect the indoctrination and failures of our public education system. They lack understanding of what it historically means to be an American and a free self-supporting people.

In another time or place they would be viewed as sophomoric and immature students who would achieve wisdom as they grow up. The problem is they are now among our elected power elite and are dragging down the media and the Democrat Party on their path, which leads to mass suffering.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” (“Pogo” by Walt Kelly)

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About Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith is a graduate of UCLA and has lived and worked in the Los Angeles area his entire life. In 2010 and 2012 he was the Republican Party endorsed candidate running against longtime incumbent Xavier Becerra, for the House of Representatives in the United States Congress. He admits to having a bias in favor of our Nation's founding principles. Stephen can be contacted at smith4liberty@outlook.com

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