Well, Bless Their Little Hearts

| Opinion | October 5, 2019

Due to the flawed nature of the human condition, one of the most difficult things to do is to perceive and react to things as they are. Most act on their preconceptions as to the nature of truth and existence. Human perception is always being distorted by expectations.

Try listening to a language you are not familiar with and then repeat the foreign words you just heard. It is nearly impossible because you are not hearing sounds or words that you were expecting. Those expectations have prevented you from hearing the sounds properly. For the same reason, witnesses to a crime see and describe the event quite differently. Just ask any investigator.

A test as to your ability to judge and properly react to reality goes like this: You are driving late at night on a freeway you have traveled dozens of times before. You know every inch of the route by heart. In the distance you see a pair of headlights aimed at you coming from your side of the freeway. What do you do? Do you ask yourself what is going on, keep driving and think, “That does not belong there?” Or do you see that there is something wrong and dangerous going on and immediately seek an exit route. Most people when confronted with danger and the unexpected will freeze before they react. That moment of pause can be the difference between life and death. That is the reason why first responders, law enforcement and the military train so hard to have automatic, proper reactions to dangerous situations.

With these principles in mind, I have been considering the absurdity of the endless allegations being directed at President Trump by our Democrat ruling elite. If for the sake of argument, and assuming that they are not mentally ill, profoundly evil or consumed by a lust for power so strong that they would destroy the nation to achieve their ends, how can their behavior be explained?

The answer is that they are all victims. They are victims of a multi-generation systemic indoctrination regarding the nature of human relations in a civil society and how human history works. Blame the schools, universities and main-stream media who are all animated by the teachings of the Marx/Engle’s dialectic. Their world view tells them that individual liberty, free market capitalism and the teachings of 5000 years of Western civilization exampled by the values of Judeo-Christianity are evil. Donald Trump is a living example of Capitalism and a professed man of faith. Therefore, anything he says or does must be an expression of that evil. To achieve the collective salvation of the leftist-progressive elected Democrats, Donald Trump must be destroyed. That desire has become an obsession (Trump Delusion Syndrome).


The truth is that President Trump, like all of us, has flaws. However, he is a decent and caring man whose policies have benefited all Americans, especially those who have been labeled as underclass by the left. His request to ask the President of the Ukraine to continue to assist investigating possible corruption by the Biden’s is consistent with his job as the chief executive. There was no quid pro quo. The Democrats appear unable to see the obvious corruption of the Biden’s in the Ukraine and China.

The problem is that the Democrats false perceptions of Trump are so ingrained that they have become unable to accurately perceive reality. Unfortunately for the American people, they have acquired the power to act on their delusions. As they often say in the South when talking about people who have limited mental resources — “Well, bless their little hearts!”

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About Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith is a graduate of UCLA and has lived and worked in the Los Angeles area his entire life. In 2010 and 2012 he was the Republican Party endorsed candidate running against longtime incumbent Xavier Becerra, for the House of Representatives in the United States Congress. He admits to having a bias in favor of our Nation's founding principles. Stephen can be contacted at smith4liberty@outlook.com

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