What Has Happened To…?

| Opinion | June 18, 2020

by William Tozzi

What has happened to the USA?
Is our free society slipping away?
Has the whole nation gone insane
Filling us with fear, anxiety, and pain?

What has happened to our country?
It used to be the land of the free.
We are now being ruled by the mob
Which wants to riot, loot and rob.

What has happened to our great land?
Has it turned into sinking quicksand?
We continue to sow seeds of conflict
And awful crops of hate are picked.

What has happened to our nation?
Is our sanity on an extended vacation?
What has happened to our community?
Can we have a semblance of unity?


What has happened to our neighborhoods?
We’re treated just like babes in the woods.
What has happened to our citizens?
Have they discontinued their medicines?

What has happened to our freedom?
Will we always continue to be this dumb?
What has happened to all our people?
Have they forgotten they have free will?

What has happened to many leaders?
Are they becoming bottom feeders,
Where they take advantage of misfortune
And always keep the largest portion?

What has happened to sensible voters?
Why do we elect all these freeloaders
Who’ll divide us to get elected.
With incompetence, they’re infected.

What has happened to our liberty?
Why do we tolerate such anarchy?
The media seems implicit in this tyranny
And misreport the true activity.

What has happened to our history?
Why are we trying to hide reality?
By erasing all that went before
We’ll repeat mistakes, make many more.

What has happened to our dreams?
They’re all falling apart at the seams.
Can we return to what life used to be
Or will we continue this hypocrisy?

What had happened to our happiness?
We are surrounded by crappiness.
Removing God from our mind and heart
Has led to tearing this country apart.

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