Who Goes There, Friend or Foe?

| Opinion | October 24, 2019

by William Tozzi

Are you a friend or are you a foe?
It’s something I’d like to know.
Just because we may disagree
Doesn’t mean you’re my mortal enemy.

Are you biased or are you fair?
Will you twist my words in the air?
Is your ambition to impeach?
Does it cling to you like a leech?

Are you left or are you right?
Will you talk or will you fight?
Are you on a different page?
Are you filled with hate and rage?

Do you come in peace or armed for battle?
Do you make sense or do you just prattle?
Can you open up your mind wide
To communicate with the other side?


Are you politically correct (PC)?
Do you constantly babble that idiocy?
Or will you have a logical conversation
About what’s good for this entire nation?

Can you learn to compromise?
See the world through the other’s eyes?
Where’s the caring and the kindness?
Your bias has caused love blindness.

Will your ego get in the way
Of what you want to do every day?
Recognize we are all prejudicial
And our opinion may be superficial.

Is your state red or is it blue?
Either way I’ll talk with you.
We’re not that far apart, you’ll find
When our decisions are colorblind

Do you want us get along?
Or will you sing another song?
Are we both too blinded to see
That I’m like you and you’re like me?

Do you speak lies or speak the truth?
Are you polite or are you uncouth?
Do you preach and do the opposite?
Are you filled with facts or full of it?

Are you human or an animal?
Are you absurd or are you rational?
Do you need love, or don’t you care?
Do you soothe or do you scare?

Socialism will only bring misery.
We’ll no longer be the land of the free.
You can kiss goodbye to your liberty
And say hello to the third degree.

Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine.
This pony show gives me a pain.
All the resources we have wasted.
Too few answers we have tasted.

Are we hearing things differently?
Do we see only what we want to see?
Liberal or conservative, which one are you?
Just remember—To thine own self be true.

Copyright 2019, William Tozzi, Golden Pen Writers Guild, Santa Clarita, CA

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