WWOFD: Healthcare, The Tenth Amendment and True Grit

| Opinion | November 29, 2018

By Stephen Smith 
From the mouths of our elected socialists, such as Bernie and Alexandria, the cry for government-provided healthcare has been heard so often and loud, that many now believe that having their neighbors pay for their health needs is their right. Even for protection from their recreational sex and extinguishing the lives of souls yet to be born to avoid parenthood. They believe that the responsibility for paying for these procedures should be placed upon people, such as the elderly, devout, right-to-life Roman Catholic lady who lives down the street. Being part of the collective excuses you from individual responsibility. Under socialism, you abdicate yours and others’ individual rights in exchange for being part of that collective. That call to socialized medicine, in part, led to victory for the progressives in the last election.

It is tragic and immoral that in order to give the people one right, such as “free” (really a privilege) healthcare, it is necessary that they abuse others. In this case, taking away the fruits of our labor without consent and violating some of the most sacred beliefs of many regarding the sanctity of life. Such is the nature of Marxism/Socialism. It is time to spend more time asking ourselves, “WWOFD?” What Would Our Founders Do? So, I got together with my composite fictional “True Grit” friend “The Bachelor” who began an independent study of our Constitution. He took academic online courses from Hillsdale College, available for free at Hillsdale.edu. He enhanced his knowledge with the wonderful 5-minute courses from Prager University. You can find them for free at prageru.com. He even hosted book studies on “The 5000 Year Leap” by Cleon Skousen and the challenging “Federalist Papers” (by Publius, aka Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison). Sounds like a lot of work, but the more he learned, the more he was inspired by the real story of Americanism. He realized that there was a reason why so many citizens have embraced socialism. Leftist-Progressivism is the only political viewpoint taught and tolerated when going through our educational system. Knowledge of the wonders of our Constitution seems to have been intentionally removed from all public schools and university’s curriculum. Seeing a gap in the peoples education, The Bachelor obtained the DVD’s and workbooks of “Constitution Alive” available from David Barton’s Wall Builders at https://wallbuilders.com/ and from the host Rick Green at http://rickgreen.com/home/ and began offering the video courses for free in his home, churches and the American Legion.

What did we learn? First, all our natural law, God-given rights and those rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are about what the Federal government may not do to “we the people.” No where does it state what benefits the Federal government must provide for the people. It also says that life and liberty cannot be taken without the due process of law. All the functions, duties and powers of the Federal government are carefully defined. Nowhere is abortion or providing healthcare mentioned or implied.

Our founders were astonishingly brilliant. They provided a great laboratory for finding solutions to a large range of problems without putting the entire nation at risk. It is called state’s rights, or Federalism. Study the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”


It simply means this. The Federal government does not address the issue of providing healthcare, therefore the individual states are free to do so. I do not agree with the incoming governor’s desire to provide universal California state healthcare, but unlike the Federal government, it is clearly Constitutional for the state government to do so.

Federal leftist-progressive legislators and justices have ignored Constitutional intent. I believe that a transparent free market solution, with assistance for those who are unable to pay and for patients with pre-existing conditions, is vastly more productive and cost effective. If you think that government healthcare is not full of flaws and dangers, you are sadly mistaken. Despite the exhortations from Chuck Schumer and our own Congressman, federally provided healthcare, due to diminishing resources, and government bureaucracy with its lack of responsiveness to the needs of the people and lack of breakthroughs and innovation, must over time reduce the quality and increase the cost of healthcare. If federal healthcare programs prove too highly flawed, the people are left with no options. If a Federalist or state-based system fails, only one state is affected, deeply reducing the harm done to the people. Plus, there is the advantage of one state learning from the successes and failures of another. Single state corrections are far more easily made than the embedded bureaucracy of a national program. You are free to move to a state like Texas which, politically, may be much more to your liking. Thousands of Californians have already made that decision to flee the entitlement state of California. One of the results of California leftism is that we now have more people living in poverty than any other state in the Union.

Whether you are liberal or conservative, it is time to become more Constitutionally grounded by getting into the heads of our founders. Take advantage of the resources I have cited. You too might become inspired to embrace the real Americanism. I think you will find that our founders were much more than a bunch of old rich white guys or a musical on Broadway. The ideas they embraced and the Republic that they left us is as modern and inspirational as tomorrow. Now those Patriots had “True Grit.”

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