Paying Too Much at The Pump?

| Gazette, Opinion | April 25, 2012

By Todd Hall

I am sure if you own a car you have noticed a big jump at the pumps. This is not by accident. This is exactly what has been promised to you by our President. He told us three years ago that “our energy prices will necessarily sky rocket,” and they have.

Let’s go over some of the facts so everyone can get a full understanding of exactly what this administration has done to increase the prices of everything in the nation.

The president has put into effect some policies that have done severe damage to our economy. He continues to blame Bush, big bad businesses and the oil companies for all his problems. In the end he has made this mess we are in now. He has told the American people that, on his watch, oil production is up. This is completely misleading. While it is true, oil production is up; but it is only up on private lands, and the permits issued were done on the Bush Administration’s watch.

Here is another fact: oil drilling permits for public lands are down 60 percent on his watch. This also includes offshore drilling. The president has told us we only have two percent of the world’s oil and we import the rest. The truth is we have enough oil to last for hundreds of years. In Colorado alone we have about five times what all the Middle Eastern countries have combined.


The fact is, our president is trying to push an agenda and it is causing everything in America to go up in price. When the federal government printed more money (quantitative easing) they devalued our dollar. Oil is based upon the dollar. If you devalue your dollar it takes more dollars to buy the same amount of oil. Hence, the cost of oil goes up. The fed has done this twice. (QE1 and QE2).

Our president has told us it is the oil companies that are the problem. The fact is, it is our government playing games with our money.

The administration wants you to believe that the oil speculators are betting on “futures” on the stock market, or OPEC (the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) has caused gas prices to explode.

The fact is, if we were able to drill wherever we could for oil, the speculators would have no choice but to speculate downward. OPEC, who relies on the U.S. to buy their oil, would see a common sense energy policy and wouldn’t have any other choice but to lower their prices or find someone else to sell it to.

The oil companies pay billions of dollars to the government in taxes, yet our president still is telling us they are being subsidized. This again is false. The oil companies don’t get any more of a tax break than any corporation does. If Obama wants to take away those deductions, who do you think will pay for the losses the oil companies will incur? We will, through even higher gas prices.

The fact is, our gas prices have gone up 107.39 percent, the largest increase in American history. Even Obama’s Energy Secretary, Mr. Steven Chu, said we should have oil prices that are the same as Europe’s. He told Congress that Americans would be forced to stop using fossil fuels if the prices went up, and that would be a great thing for the administration’s “Green Energy Policy.”

The bottom line is: when gas goes up, so does the cost of everything we use in our society. Anyone that tells you anything different is distorting the facts or just doesn’t know. I’m not sure which one our president is, but it is one of them.

I would like to remind you to do your own homework. Look at the facts. Don’t believe the liberal media and find out for yourself. We have an election coming up on November 6th and we as Americans need to stand up to our politicians and let them know the lies won’t work this time.

Ask yourself this question: “What will gas prices be like if Obama is re-elected? $8 or $10 a gallon? Don’t be fooled, it’s coming.

The opinions expressed in this column are those of the writer, not necessarily those of Valley Publications.

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