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| Sand Canyon Journal | January 22, 2018

Vista Canyon Update
When Sand Canyon residents pass through the four-way stop, they can get a glimpse of the 185-acre site of Vista Canyon, but it isn’t easy to monitor progress from a distance. Canyon Country Magazine got an update from JSB Development at the beginning of the year.

Site Prep for Homes
Preparation should be completed this year for a developer to move forward with the construction and sale of 322 detached and attached homes. By the middle of the year, preliminary roadwork and installation of underground utilities should be completed.

Afterward, home parcels will be turned over to the homebuilder(s) and final designs – which are subject to city and master developer approval – permitting and lot preparation will be completed, followed by model home construction. According to JSB Development, the group of homes should be characteristic of those found in emerging walkable, transit-focused neighborhoods.

Construction of 3-Story Office Building
With expected use as a commercial/retail center, construction is underway on Santa Clarita’s newest office building – a cornerstone of Vista Canyon’s Lincoln Place. It will be three stories and 56,000 square feet, and designed by Gensler, architect behind Facebook’s corporate headquarters, KCET Studios, and the Abu Dhabi Financial Center.

The aim for the reinforced concrete building is to provide upscale office, retail and entertainment space for the east side of the Santa Clarita Valley. There are six three-story buildings planned for Vista Canyon’s town square, and this initial building is expected to open by the end of the year.


Builder Chosen for Apartments
Multi-family home developer JPI will build 480 luxury apartments in 13 acres of Vista Canyon’s centralized town square. Floor plans will be available in studio size, as well as those with one, two or three bedrooms. In the long-range plans for Vista Canyon, the developer’s selling point of the apartments includes “the convenience of a city center address located just steps from shops, coffeehouses, cafes, corporate offices, entertainment and transit.”

JPI Western Region is based in San Diego and has developed communities in Arizona and California, including Mission Bay and Jefferson Stadium Park.

Water Reclamation Plant
As planned, Vista Canyon is constructing a water reclamation facility to make more water available each year. It will be the only water plant in the state that is privately built and funded. It is designed to exceed state mandates and aims to achieve net zero water consumption levels to advance long-term sustainability in the community.

Once constructed, the plant will be a part of Castaic Lake Water Agency’s recycled water system and will be turned over to the City of Santa Clarita for operation. Construction of the facility should be completed by the end of 2018, followed by a several-month period of testing and certification. Target timeframe for turnover to the City of Santa Clarita is fourth quarter of 2019.

The recycled water facility will serve Vista Canyon and other “non potable water uses” such as irrigation for landscaping, parks and medians, in the surrounding area. The facility is part of Phase 2B of SCV Water Agency’s (formerly CLWA) Recycled Water Master plan. The water agency determines the specific areas that the excess water will service.

Site Prep for Second Bus Station
A part of the Vista Canyon site is being prepared for transportation purposes. When ready, the parcel will be handed over to the City of Santa Clarita to establish a second bus station. The only bus station currently is the McBean Regional Transit Center.
Sand Canyon Plaza
The corner opposite Vons on Sand Canyon and Soledad Canyon is starting to change. Mobile homes have disappeared and have been replaced by signs of construction. The new project, Sand Canyon Plaza, is underway since its approval last September, which followed five public hearings before the Planning Commission and the Santa Clarita City Council. Developer Tom Clark has permits in process for grading and construction of buildings, while clearing the site in preparation for breaking ground in the second quarter of this year.

Sand Canyon Plaza is a mixed-use project on approximately 87 acres planned as 580 dwelling units, which are comprised of single-family and attached multi-family units. There are 60,000 square feet of retail space in the plan – primarily restaurants situated around a water feature – and a 130-bed, 80,000-square-foot assisted living facility. The project will also include three private recreation areas, commercial plaza areas, private streets, driveways, parking and landscaped areas.

“We have made several changes to the project over the last two years based on input from the community, city staff and the Planning Commission,” Clark explained. “Recent changes have included increasing the size of the commercial square footage, the provision of additional parking, and the creation of a two-acre park, which will include a pool, jacuzzi, club house, barbecue, fireplace, basketball court, dog park and trails.”

It was rumored that Sand Canyon Plaza would receive water from Vista Canyon’s water reclamation plant, but Castaic Lake Water Agency plans to distribute the recycled water off-site into Fair Oaks Ranch instead. They are not proposing to utilize the water at this stage to properties east of Vista Canyon such as Sand Canyon Plaza.

“However, we will be incorporating all of the city’s green building requirements into the project, including the use of drought-tolerant landscaping, low-flow fixtures and other water conservation strategies,” Clark said.

Water for Sand Canyon Plaza will come from Santa Clarita Water Division and the project will connect to the existing public sewer system.

“We made a point early on to reach out to the surrounding community,” Clark said. “The feedback has been very positive. Additionally, the public outreach process has really resulted in the creation of a project that will be an asset to this part of town.”

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  1. Jacob Springer on September 21, 2018 @ 4:52 pm

    As I have been monitoring the Sand Canyon Plaza project for several years as a resident of Canyon Collection (of Sand Canyon Rd.) and was advised by the developer that ground would be broken during the first quarter of 2018 to begin the project.
    Up to to now all that has happened is removal beautiful nice huge trees early this year and late last year.. Ever since then no further progress !
    Is there anyone on the City staff involved or knowledgeable with the project that can provide and update and date for project resumption ?

    Speaking for many interested parties.
    Thank you, Jack Springer

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