Hero of the Week – Darci Price

| SC Living | April 14, 2017

Darci Price is one of the stars of the Santa Clarita Tiger Sharks basketball team. She always has a positive, sunny attitude and an enormous smile. The Tiger Sharks are in a division of athletes with limited basketball skills and some don’t have real game awareness. However, if you hand them the ball and tell them to shoot, they will!  When the Tigers competed in a recent tournament in La Crescenta, several strong players were unable to attend, so Darci stepped up in a big way and played nearly full time in back-to-back games to lead the team to a bronze medal in their division.

During most of the competition Darci was, essentially, the sole defender in trying to get rebounds and bring the ball down court. Although she was the team high scorer, she was also very willing to hand the ball off to her teammates as they stood under the basket so they had an opportunity to score as well. She’s a true team player, and listens well to follow instructions in practices and tournaments, which makes her a delight to coach. Her teammates look up to her as a leader.

She recently had an injury that kept her out of competitions and practices for several weeks, but faithfully kept up with her coach via Facebook, and once cleared to play she was a dynamo of energy. She knew she was counted on, and let the coach know when she needed to rest briefly, and then was able to go back in to support her team with sheer determination when she was at the end of her endurance.

During the week, you can find Darci hard at work at a local supermarket. She’s the one with the big smile.


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