Hero of the Week – Sean Coskran

| SC Living | August 22, 2014

Carousel Ranch is blessed to have many volunteers, including a dynamic father/son duo, who have really stood out this year.

Sean and PacMan

Sean and PacMan

Sean Coskran is 27 years old and was introduced to the ranch a year ago when he and his father, Pat, were hoping to find a place to volunteer. Sean is autistic, and truly gifted with horses. At first, the two of them visited on Saturdays for a few hours at a time, when Sean volunteered and Pat assisted on the ranch doing odd jobs. Staff members quickly realized how valuable Sean was, and hired him three days a week as a support staff member.  He and Pat continue to volunteer on Saturdays, Sean helping with the horses and assisting in lessons and Pat doing anything the ranch needed … literally.

Pat describes his pride in seeing Sean working at something that he loves.

“Sean has found his element!” says Pat. “The concept of him working at something that he is so passionate about is his dream come true and his family is sharing in his dream. My wish is that as Sean works with students at Carousel, he will offer hope to students and their families that their dreams are reachable too.”


These two men have made a huge difference to the organization this year, creating staff members who are grateful that Sean and Pat found their way into the Carousel Ranch family.

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